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The mission of the Seymour Police Department is to create a safe environment for all residents and visitors to the City of Seymour. 

This will be achieved with respectful, fair, and impartial policing, combined with strong community engagement and partnerships.

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  • 2 days ago by

    We at SPD would like to take the opportunity to thank our Animal Control Officer, James Baurle. Officer Baurle is an animal lover to the core, and quite frankly he sometimes gets more calls than we do!  Aside from freeing All sorts of wildlife from local businesses and residences, many pups around Seymour have been successfully brought home due to his efforts. Thank you, ACO Baurle! 👏👏👏 🐾🐩🐕🐈🦇🐿️🐇🐓🐦🦅🦉🐾 #pupsaver #animalcontrol #petfriendly #seymouranimalcontrol #spd #seymourpolice
    1 day ago Nancy Gill
    Thank you!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    2 days ago Sarah Owen
    Thank you!!
    1 day ago Karen Browning
    Thank you!
    2 days ago Cathy Reinhart Powell
    Thank you officer Baurle!
    2 days ago Kathy Waskom Bohle
    Thank you Mr. Baurle!
    2 days ago Michelle Fitch
    Thank you .you do a great job
    2 days ago Mary Black
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    2 days ago Tim Toborg
    He’s a great guy!
    2 days ago Cathy Thornton
    He is the best!

  • 5 days ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to recognize our Dispatch team and the Dispatchers of the many agencies we work with as we kick off National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. When you need help, they are the voice on the other end. They are here, 24/7 to respond to every call we get while living behind the scenes. Nothing moves without dispatch.  We cannot thank you enough for the citizens and responders alive today because of what you do. “I know addresses I’ve never been to, people I’ve never seen, secrets no one can hear about, cars I’d never ride in and I help those I will never meet. I’m a 911 dispatcher.”  Quote by Michelle Boehrs #headsetheroes #thingoldline #firstresponder #angelontheline #dispatch #relecommunicator #thankyou #heroes #nineoneone #seymourpd
    5 days ago Bethany Jackson
    Thank you!!
    5 days ago Sheryl Polley
    Thank you!!
    3 days ago Kathi Swope Hackney
    Thank you for your service to our community!!
    5 days ago Sherry McKain Settle
    Thank you ALL for your service!! 💙💙
    5 days ago Cindi Lucas
    Thank you !
    4 days ago Jeff Taylor
    Thank you
    5 days ago Lora Bush
    Thank you
    5 days ago Alesia Knight-Richards
    Privileged to have a niece and nephew both working for you!!!
    5 days ago Mildred Sease
    Nothing moves without dispatch. From Ray Sease sr

  • 5 days ago by

    So APPARENTLY there are some rapscallions out there trying to be us 😡☎️ #beyourself #phonybalony   We've received reports that someone has been calling local numbers claiming to be "Seymour Police Department" and requesting their social security number because they're going to "cancel" it. #Factbomb incoming: 💣 1. We won't ask for your SSN. Ever. We generally have what we need if we're calling you. 2. We cannot "cancel" social security numbers. Nor can we take your birthday away.  3. We do not collect debts. The City pays our paychecks. Citizens should never directly pay a police officer. The only people here that take money are our records clerks (Trey and Stephanie). We would probably spend it on beef jerky and energy drinks. 4. We do not call asking for bail money. Ever. The Sheriff owns the Jail, and JCSD won't call asking you for bail money either. People who need bail money will find a way to contact you, trust us. 5. If we call you about fraud, a detective or officer will identify themselves by badge number and more than likely ask you to come in to the department. We do not handle personal affairs over the phone lines. DO NOT give personal information or money to anyone over the phone who says they are us. Call us directly at 522-1234 to verify if you aren't sure. #keepyourcash #wedontneedssns #dontfallforit #rapscallionsgonnarapscallion #phoneproblems #hanguponem #wrongnumber #seymourpd #spd #seymour #police #fraud #fugazi
    5 days ago Darryl Humphrey 1
    people are getting sneaky and desperate
    5 days ago TreyAnn Berry 1
    RAPSCALLIONS! 😱 say it isn’t so!
    5 days ago Seymour Police Department
    TreyAnn Berry Indeed. Probably accompanied by knaves, scallywags, rascals, varlets, scofflaws or the like. 🙁
    5 days ago Blaze Fairbrother
    People wanting to spend a few afternoons in the hoosegow lol
    5 days ago Amanda Jones 1
    Vocabulary 101 😂 I still love the word scallywag.
    5 days ago Josh Keefer
    You heard it here first. They take bribes in the form of beef jerky and energy drinks. We're not so different, you and I.
    5 days ago Seymour Police Department 3
    Josh Keefer we're not saying it will get you out of a ticket, but we're not saying we'd turn down some Jacklinks and Reign either.
    5 days ago Amanda Jones
    Yes, this happened to me a couple years back. The scammer called me telling me I would have a warrant out out because supposedly my taxes were done incorrectly and that I needed to pay a certain amount and they would remove my name from the warrant list. Needless to say I knew it was a scam so I talked to them for a minute and then hung up. I was on the phone with my tax preparation people and SPD number beeps through. I answer and they said that I needed to give them my info so a cop could come talk to me. 😂
    I reported it and the lady said it wasn't the first time someone called about that. It happened to my grandma in Jennings county too. Be on the lookout for elderly family and friends. ❤
    5 days ago Patty Bruveris
    Love this message.
    5 days ago Steve Ashcraft
    I've had scammers use other people's numbers when calling me. How they do this i don't know.

  • 5 days ago by

    ***Attempted Carjacking***   The Seymour Police Department is requesting your help reference an incident that occurred in the 200 series lots of Central Park Avenue at approximately 11:25 P.M. last night (4/11).  A complainant notified Seymour Police Department that while sitting in a running vehicle at the time mentioned above, a tall white male with a green camouflage jacket and orange mask entered the passenger side door of the unlocked vehicle.   The male then placed a sharp object on the shoulder of the victim and then told them to "get out". The complainant then fled the vehicle, taking the keyfob with them which rendered the vehicle undrivable.  The male then fled the area on foot towards the Northeast corner of Central Park Avenue. Due to the darkness and rain, any further observation was lost at this point.  SPD is requesting anyone who may know of someone matching that description in the area of Village Green last night to contact SPD. We are also asking residents to review their surveillance equipment and doorbell cameras that may have been nearby the incident at the time. Anyone with information is asked to contact SPD at 522-1234 reference Officer McMindes case # 21-S03927
    5 days ago Bill Jones 13
    Conceal and carry, our officers can't be everywhere at once.
    5 days ago Natalie 'Jackson' Russell 2
    Glad the person got out safe. Always keep your doors locked, and carry if you can. Also highly recommend the pepper blaster, male or female.
    4 days ago Vina López 1
    I’m getting a gun !!!
    5 days ago Joan Allman 1
    5 days ago Darryl Humphrey
    hope they catch this person
    5 days ago Patricia Powers
    OMG this happened down from my house. I'll keep an eye out for this guy.
    5 days ago Stephanie Cornett
    Kimberly Fish be careful
    5 days ago Zion Phillips
    David Longwell
    5 days ago Stacie Bohall Bowman
    Candace Kendall Bohall Watson Haley Marie Thomas whoever else y’all can think of.
    5 days ago Amy Sue Murillo Barahona
    As a person knowing that area quite well did they get approximate height of the person
  • 1 week ago by

    NEWS RELEASE  On April 9, 2021, Seymour Police Department Communications received a report that a missing 24-year-old female from Edinburgh, Indiana could possibly be in the Seymour, Indiana area. The victim was last known to be giving a ride to a female from Seymour, to get a change of clothing.   While checking the area around Stevens Way, patrol officers were approached by the brother of the victim. The brother of the victim told patrol officers that the suspect had pulled a knife on him and jumped into a nearby truck. Patrol officers approached the vehicle the suspect was in and had her exit the vehicle. The suspect was identified as Sylvia Terry age 34 of Seymour, Indiana.   The victim told patrol officers that Terry asked for a ride to Seymour. While being taken to Seymour, Terry took the victim’s mobile phone and threw it out the window. Terry then directed the victim to drive to the Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge where Terry pulled out a knife and instructed the victim to exit the vehicle. After about 30 minutes, Terry instructed the victim to get back in the vehicle and drive to the Circle K on Stevens Way. Once at the Circle K, the victim stated they sat stationary for about 2 hours. The victim stated that she did not reach out for help because of Terry’s erratic behavior and out of fear.  After being in the vehicle for the 2 hours, family of the victim showed up and the victim was able to get away from Terry. Terry then attempted to enter a vehicle belonging to one of the victim’s relatives. After being unable to do so, Terry got back into the victim’s vehicle and brandished the knife again. At this point, one of the victim’s family members began yelling for help and Terry exited the vehicle and entered another vehicle that was at the location. This is when patrol officers made contact with Terry and took her into custody. A knife was also located in the vehicle Terry entered.  Sylvia Terry was arrested for kidnapping a level 3 felony, criminal confinement a level 6 felony, criminal recklessness a level 6 felony, and theft a class misdemeanor. Terry was taken to the Jackson County Jail where she was remanded into the custody of the jail staff. Lt. C. J. Foster
    Seymour Police Department  ***This is an active criminal investigation case. Anyone mentioned herein is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law***
    1 week ago Olivia Nguyen 7
    The public should also be informed about the creep in the grey SUV who stopped and told my 8 and 10 yr old little cousins they were “f*cking sexy”yesterday by Gaiser Park, where they were riding their bikes. I know it’s unrelated to this incident, but I’m not sure where else to post to let people know.
    1 week ago Kevin Kaplan 5
    Olivia Nguyen I hope someone got a photo of him or his vehicle.
    1 week ago Angela Hollin 1
    Olivia Nguyen Shit like this is why I have to take my 10 year old to therapy because she’s afraid of men. 😡
    1 week ago Carrie Hernandez 4
    Olivia Nguyen call.the police and make a report
    1 week ago Olivia Nguyen 2
    Carrie Hernandez Did that yesterday.
    6 days ago Tyler Crawford 1
    Olivia Nguyen sadly that doesn't surprise me. A LOT of sex offenders and known pedophiles in this town when I looked it up for seymour there were at least 150 of them
    6 days ago Lisa Rutan 1
    Carrie Hernandez did you get a picture of the vehicle I live close to gaiser park
    6 days ago Olivia Nguyen 1
    Lisa Rutan no, I wasn’t there. The girls came home and told their mom what happened. She reported it and requested extra patrols in the area.
    6 days ago Chris Klakamp
    What kind of Grey SUV ford,Chevy,dodge,jeep ?
    6 days ago Lisa Rutan 1
    Olivia Nguyen ok that's I'll keep an eye out I drive past there every day several times a day
    6 days ago Olivia Nguyen
    Chris Klakamp The two girls reported it to their mom. I’m not sure they would be able to give those kind of specific details. She called and reported it to SPD. I was hoping they’d share whatever info they had about it.
    6 days ago James Whitson 5
    Couldn't be mental illness, has 2 be drugs? This is what makes an azz outta u and me
    6 days ago Christa Renee Combs 1
    Was both 🤷🏼‍♀️
    3 days ago Rebecca Coleman
    The two often run together.
    6 days ago Tammy Galloway 3
    There are very few options for the families of the mentally ill. Most choose to self medicate and this makes things dramatically worse. We need completely revised mental health options.
    6 days ago Tammy Galloway 1
    This is interesting, because a lady acting strangely walking down 50 began trying to flag me down. I proceeded to Circle K by The Floor Store. She turned around and was trying to circle back in that direction. I remember hurrying to get my business done before she could catch up to me. This was at least a few days ago.
    6 days ago Roberta Rooks 1
    Is this the same woman who on Halloween was involved in the police chase near Hill top trailer court
    6 days ago Lana Faye Terry
    Roberta Rooks yes
    6 days ago Debra Abel
    Wednesday this lady jumped into my car in hilltop trailer court!! I drove her around the block and called A1 taxi for her and dropped her off back at the trailer she was at when she jumped in my car. Strange experience!!
    6 days ago Amanda Jones
    Debra Abel she just got in your car without asking? I probably would have pissed myself. I'm so glad my car has automatically locks.
    6 days ago Debra Abel
    Debra Abel someone was getting out of my car and she kinda intercepts the door closing.. Throws her purse in my car floor board and said 100 bucks for a ride. I told her my kids were at home watching dinner for me and expecting me back any second. If it was in town id drop her off but it was like she had no clue where she was at.
    6 days ago Amanda Jones
    Debra Abel So sad. I hate seeing people in that state. I'm assuming she is on drugs.
    6 days ago Debra Abel 1
    Ive done a lot of drugs in my day and this seemed more mentally ill honestly.
    6 days ago Amanda Jones
    Debra Abel Oh! Well either way its sad. Hopefully she gets the help she needs. I've always said we need more adorable rehab and mental health records for people in and around this area.
    6 days ago Laura Clark
    if it was an older lady with black mid lenght hair shes been giving us issues at my job too.. sooo sad.. and i saw her the other day she looks wayyyy worse now hada cane /walking stick like thing... and looked skinnier..
    6 days ago Debra Abel
    It was the chick arrested above that got into my car.
    2 days ago Tammy Anderson
    Thank you Seymour Police department for getting her off the streets
    6 days ago Samantha Fowler
    Kimberly Did you hear about this?
    6 days ago Kimberly Hawn Ingalls 1
    Samantha Fowler I read it on FB. That is crazy.
    6 days ago Don Walker
    Great job.
    6 days ago Gabby Lockhard
    Eric Lockhard
  • 1 week ago by

    Please avoid this area 🚧⚠️🚧⚠️
    1 week ago Randall Lampkin 1
    Everybody 37 seconds after this post was made:
    6 days ago Gabby Lockhard
    This what that was the other day Eric Lockhard eric
    6 days ago Eric Lockhard
    Gabby Lockhard I was curious
    1 week ago Debra Wininger
    Holy shit.

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