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  • NEWS
  • 2 days ago by

    Forever in our hearts 💙
    2 days ago Sarah Owen 1
    Rest in peace cuz. 🙏🙏🙏
    2 days ago Mildred Sease
    Thanks for your service SIR. From Ray and Mildred Sease
    2 days ago Carolyn Toll
    Thank you for your service!!
    2 days ago Jean Mifflin
    Sending prayers to his family and friends. God bless all of you.
    2 days ago Dana Owens
    RIP Sending Prayers 🙏
    2 days ago Shelly Deweese
    R.I.P Rick!! Thank you for your service to our county and prayers for his family in their loss.
    2 days ago Rick Nance
    Prayers to Rick’s Family and all Friends RIP Sir
    2 days ago Rennie Pershing
    Prayers for the family
    1 day ago Betty Quigley Oberring
    Prayers for his family and coworkers.
    2 days ago Margaret Strong
    Oh dear me! Earlier I posted a msg. I thought he had retired and congratulated him! I apologize! Bless his family! I am so sorry!
  • 1 week ago by

    Great teamwork!!! 👍
    6 days ago Jim Walters 5
    Next time you Officers can always call on me and Axel vom Zeder Haus whom is a tip top tracking, search and rescue Schutzhund Dog. Good work!
    6 days ago Jim Walters 2
    FYI one of the things in my backpack besides my flair pistol, water, air horn, compass, whistle is 25’of climbing rope. I usually or almost always keep it tied to Axel in the case he’d get stuck like this, but he is trained to avoid overly deep mud until he looks for my instructions to him.
    6 days ago Nicholas Bryson 2
    Unbeknownst to Cole, later that day, he would become the hunted. Beautiful conclusion to the series of events.
    6 days ago Debra J. Lafferty Hutchens 2
    This community is so blessed with good, caring people to help us when it is truly needed. Glad the story had a happy ending. Keep up the good work.
    1 week ago Jeff Fitzpatrick 2
    Happy everyone is going home safe..
    6 days ago Pamela Weddle 1
    What could have been a tradgedy, became a very good day and outcome. Thanks to all the helpers and special people sent.
    1 week ago Kristi Burroughs 1
    That's awesome! When you're doing anything in the woods or in water, don't go alone!
    1 week ago Vickie Conquest 1
    Great job to all of the rescuers! So glad James Cole survived and is relatively uninsured!
    6 days ago Tim Blandford
    Vickie Conquest uninsured?
    1 day ago Sanders Brown
    VickieKing I always enjoy what you share on Facebook but we are not friends yet, I have tried several times to send you a friend request but it is not being fulfilled, would you mind trying it on your side? I will be happy to be one of your friends, if you find this message embarrassing, please forgive my manners. Thank you🥰🥰
    6 days ago Larry Galbraith 1
    Great job to all first responders!!!
    1 week ago Linda Starrett 1
    Great job everyone !!
    6 days ago Mildred Sease
    A very lucky man and a great job to all involved. From Ray Sease sr
  • 1 week ago by

    Last Call!! If you own a Jeep, you need to be here this Saturday.  - Awesome prizes and silent auction gifts including a $2,000 wheel and tire package from our pals at Big O Tire!! - Off-road course - 100 mile road rally - Food trucks - An awesome time with other Jeep owners for a great cause For more info and to sign up online: Registration can also be done the day of the event 👍
    1 week ago Terri Stough 2
    Sydney Oakes Chancler Ault are you all going to do this?
    1 week ago Chancler Ault 1
    Terri Stough yes! We’re talking both the jeeps out there!
    1 week ago Terri Stough 1
    Chancler Ault thats awesome!
    1 week ago Amy Juergens 2
    1 week ago Katie Prewitt 1
    We’re registered but where do we meet Saturday morning?
    1 week ago Tina Sullivan
    Katie Prewitt go past Freeman Field park turn right and you will see lots of Jeep’s on your right
    1 week ago Katie Prewitt
    Tina Sullivan thank you! My husband thought it was freeman field but I can’t find that info anywhere! Be there at 10? We’re already registered
    1 week ago Breanna Lynch 1
    Katie Prewitt you will be able to pick up the pre register stuff too, Maricia and I will be at the registration and you all can pick up your stuff
    1 week ago Katie Prewitt
    Breanna Lynch thanks Bree!
    1 week ago Breanna Lynch
    Katie Prewitt your welcome!
    1 week ago Maricia Spivey 1
    Katie Prewitt u can start showing up at 9.. and everything will be there waiting on you! See u Saturday!
    1 week ago Beth Mills Vasquez 1
    Jenn Unsworth
    1 week ago Jenn Unsworth
    Beth Mills Vasquez I wish! I have to work
    1 week ago Gretchen Deutsch Thompson
    Will spectators be allowed along the off road and rock crawling events?
    1 week ago Maricia Spivey
    5 days ago Tiffany Ailes
    We had so much fun, we will be back!!
    6 days ago Donna Robbins
    How long does it last today and how much for spectators
    1 week ago William Alcock
    Can dual sport motorcycles participate?
    1 week ago Maricia Spivey
    Not this year.. we are considering opening it up to more vehicles eventually
    1 week ago Bree Zus
    Ben get with it. Lol
    1 week ago Ben Givens
    Bree Zus I know
    1 week ago Gina McGaha
    Awesome! I'm glad to see this post this morning... Seymour Police Department is top notch in my opinion. Have a good day.
  • 1 week ago by

    🍁 FEST LIFE is the BEST LIFE 🍁 Here are some legendary Oktoberfest tips that have been passed down from generation to generation thought to have originated from Seymour founder Meedy Shields 🎩 himself:  -Make sure your kids know your phone number or write it somewhere so they have it on them. Tell them to find a police officer if they are lost or go to the center information booth. It makes it much easier to locate a parent this way if you become separated.(The EMA booth has wristbands for this!) -Turn on or install cell phone locating apps like "find my phone" we've had several lost phones. If you find a phone, please give it to the information booth in the center. -(even though summayall are about to go all nuclear freedom fighter and rage respond about this): STAY OFF MEEDY'S 🚂 TRACKS!! #triggered #yourbloodpressurewentup #youthoughtwewouldntsayit Have a safe and fun Oktoberfest! If we're able to finally pry Officer Desender away from the mini 🍩 booth and you see us out and about, don't hesitate to say hi! 👋 #railroadfreedom #canttellmewhattodo #thistownoutlawseverything #putinaroundabout #seymoursign #rageresponse #sarcasm101 #wemakethingsupsometimes #donutlife #festlife #seymour #meedyshields #spd #police #seymourpolice #lightenupfrancis #copscantjoke #oktoberfest2021 #livinourfestlife #actserious #donuttellmewhattodo
    1 week ago Kenya Jackson 42
    Uhhhh excuse me which areas does this one patrol?? I feel like I need a ticket.
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 41
    Kenya Jackson We're about to start working him on 24 hour shifts from the looks of things.
    1 week ago Kenya Jackson
    Seymour Police Department If you get any calls on 4th st. Send him 😉 also on a completely unrelated subject how loud do you think music has to be before neighbors will start reporting you??
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 5
    Kenya Jackson We're more like DoorDash. You just kinda get what you get. There are 1/45 odds give or take.
    1 week ago Karin Lee 3
    Seymour Police Department I order door dash and I can tell you, if he is my driver there will be a cash tip. #areyougonnafriskme
    1 week ago Kenya Jackson
    Seymour Police Department can you give me some ideas on things neighbors normally call on others for? 1/45 is not high odds it might take a few calls
    1 week ago Shannon Moser Perkinson
    Kenya Jackson haha I know right!! Looks like I need to be taking trips to Seymour more often, ESPECIALLY if I plan on breaking the law 🤣🤣!! Only kidding of course.....but damn!! 🥵🥵🤤🤤
    1 week ago Sara Elaine 4
    Seymour Police Department I’m just wanting to know where you guys have been hiding this gem 💎 at? I’ve been pulled over a few times and haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this one 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂☠️🤷‍♀️

    1 week ago Candy Skinner 1
    Kenya Jackson that scene in bridesmaids when she's trying to get Rhodes attention and drives by him like 100 times breaking a million laws just to get him to talk to her. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    "Who's driving that car?"
    And of course this one, on the phone lmao
    1 week ago Allie Everhart 2
    Kenya Jackson I cannot handle you! This is great 🤣🤣
    1 week ago Terry Jared 40
    I spent a lot of years in school and “Officer Friendly” never looked like this. When do the Officer calendars go on sale? Asking for a friend 😉
    1 week ago Angela Brown 5
    No kidding, he’s smokin’ hot! 🔥🔥
    1 week ago Christeen Elicio 9
    Terry Jared weird, I was just talking about this last night. Seymour Police Department you should do a calendar fundraiser, I'd buy one, for the cause of course.
    1 week ago Kylee Shippee
    Terry Jared FOLLOWING
    1 week ago Mindy Shelly Johnson
    Terry Jared i want one too! Lol
    1 week ago Kristal Hallett Hubbard 3
    Terry Jared I was just know if they made calenders for charity I would definitely buy one since it would be for charity and all. Lol.
    1 week ago Meghan McCormick
    Bobbi Howard for real 🤣
    1 week ago Melissa Wilson Clifton
    Sign me up for one.
    1 week ago Sarah Kay 1
    Terry Jared I feel teased with a good time 😂 We can make a before and after calenders lol
    1 week ago Katie Brown-Lutcher 3
    He was even better in person.....the air was sizzling
    1 week ago Tony Allen 1
    Terry Jared portrait photographer here, I volunteer my services LOL
    1 week ago Annika Brown 24
    That Officer understood the assignment 😂😁💯
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 18
    Annika Brown
    "Officer Desender, do something that will make people stop scrolling"  "Hold my water and fetch me some donuts"
    1 week ago Amanda Jones 3
    Annika Brown yes he did. 🤤 and I want to assign them assignments 😂 #hotcop

    1 week ago Missy Adams
    Kayla Marie ☠️
    1 week ago Katie Tabatha 24
    Seymour Police Department, I would highly advise against Officer Desender directing traffic unless you want a multi-car pile up. I'm just trying to keep the community and Officer Desender safe. 😆😆
    1 week ago Margie Thomas
    Katie Tabatha you guys are killing me. I love this!!!
    1 week ago Tyler Goodpaster 23
    Im just here for the descender comments
    1 week ago Ashley Gerth
    Tyler Goodpaster I knew as soon as his mom told me he was gonna be a cop this would happen hahaha
    1 week ago Matt Trimpe
    Tyler Goodpaster why are his forearms so big?
    1 week ago Brittani Dishman
    Tyler Goodpaster me too lol
    1 week ago Beth Amis
    1 week ago Brittani Dishman
    Beth Amis I'm glad these thirsty women don't realize JCSD & BPD have the best looking men in the county 💙🖤 #leowife
    1 week ago Beth Amis 1
    Brittani Dishman me too I'd be in cuffs lol I was getting mad when John was posted with the baby lmao 🤣🤣🤣
    1 week ago Amber Lynn Hurley 20
    That’s one hot cop!!! Might go stand near the tracks if he’s the punisher 😬
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 3
    Amber Lynn Hurley He's all ours 💕
    1 week ago Karen Bricker
    I need pulled over or something. I might have a headlight out
    1 week ago Jena Wessel 1
    Kirsten McCory-Oakes Lol I better not see you on the inmate roster😂
    1 week ago Julia Gingerich-Adams 18
    I’m coming Seymour! I’ll be speeding with a tail out out! Please use cuffs! #hotcop
    1 week ago Katie Tabatha 9
    Well, it looks like there will be an increase in traffic stops, noise violations, people playing on the railroad tracks, and dispatch calls. For Desender’s safety, you might not want to send him out on patrol alone. 😆😆 #wheresdesender
    1 week ago Mindy Shelly Johnson
    Katie Tabatha absolutely true! They need to send him with another cute officer friend of his...just in case lol. Cause you know there has to be another officer hot in there somewhere lol.
    1 week ago Katie Tabatha 1
    Mindy Shelly Johnson Seymour Police Department You might have to send back up and the fire department.🔥🔥🔥😆😆
    1 week ago Tracey Lynn Phillips 6
    I’ve never been involved with the law, but I was about to steal a sauti bauti straight off the grill in front of him. #idbesmilingthewholetime
    1 week ago Tonya Scott
    Tracey Lynn Phillips me too
    1 week ago Francis Lopez Rodriguez 4
    I want to comment so badly but my husband is scrolling down through the comments 😅
    1 week ago Sam Davis
    Francis Lopez Rodriguez 🤣🤣🤣
    1 week ago LaTasha Roark
    Francis Lopez Rodriguez omg same lmao
    1 week ago Mindy Shelly Johnson
    Francis Lopez Rodriguez thats hilarious
    1 week ago Chelsey Street
    Francis Lopez Rodriguez same lol
    1 week ago Sheena Burton
    Chels He can get over it there is no denying that’s a beautiful man! 🤤
  • 2 weeks ago by

    🚂 ¡¡ Stay back from the tracks!! 🚂  If you're out enjoying the Oktoberfest, please do not cross railroad tracks except in designated areas.   Per Indiana Code 8-3-15-3, walking on the railroad right of way is a class B misdemeanor except at a public crossing.   We know you're anxious to get some apple dumplings and fried Oreos, but please do it safely. Trains have physics on their side and will win any game of "chicken" you're brave enough to play 👀 #stayoffyhetracks #nocrossy #trainswillwin #staysafe #oktoberfest #seymour #spd #seymourpd #physicsdontlie #police #cleartheway
    2 weeks ago Lori Coddington-funk 20
    What is really sad is that people have to even be told this to begin with 🤷🏼‍♀️ Please apply for approval before reproducing if you have no common sense! And I’d you think this is ridiculous work a shift with first responders & then come work a shift in a trauma facility with a ER nurse!!!
    2 weeks ago Steve Engelking II 19
    This has never been a problem before why now? This to me is nothing but a reason to hand out unnecessary tickets to bring in money. If there’s a train going to come down those tracks just like the decade’s before people will scatter. This is all about money.
    2 weeks ago Michael Ihle 2
    Steve Engelking II Bingo.
    2 weeks ago Cindi Lucas 8
    Steve Engelking II a few years ago there was a train stopped there. We literally saw people going under the train. The dumbest thing I've ever seen.
    2 weeks ago Jeremy Verble 1
    Steve Engelking II Pretty sure someone was hit there a year or two ago and was mentally challenged
    2 weeks ago Seymour Police Department 180
    Steve Engelking II Yep! It's all about money.  That's exactly why we haven't made a single arrest for the crime, are actively issuing verbal warnings dozens of times per hour for people to clear the tracks with our beat patrol, and are putting out a PSA to curb the behavior. Now pardon us while we jump in our Scrooge McDuck vault for a swim 🏊‍♂️
    2 weeks ago Kevin Kaplan 1
    Steve Engelking II
    2 weeks ago Courtney Durham 4
    Seymour Police Department people HAVE the need to complain…no matter what!!
    2 weeks ago Jan Davis 13
    Seymour Police Department thank you for what you do SPD. I m sure you're doing your best to keep Seymour safe especially right now.
    2 weeks ago Keaira Artemis Kusanagi 3
    Seymour Police Department well done!
    2 weeks ago Steve Brock
    Seymour Police Department sarcasm and unprofessional comments are unbecoming of an officer.
    2 weeks ago Aaron L Brewer 8
    Steve Brock it sucks people have gotten softer these days. Remember when people had thicker skin and could handle comments that made sense and didn't have to worry about hurting feelings?
    2 weeks ago Erica Lynn 14
    People are getting so defensive my lord!!!!!!! The amount ppl that have been so “offended” about this post has me laughing!! What do y’all walk the tracks on a day to day basis and are getting offended bc they are telling you to not do that!!!! I mean the trains can’t stop on a dime just like a semi! USE YOUR HEADS PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I’m not offended by the post I’m really disgusted at the ppl in these comments!!!!! Sorry Seymour Police Department y’all are doing a great job! Make sure you give these people tickets if you catch them they deserve it!
    2 weeks ago Dawn LaMaster
    Erica Lynn im not offended, new to the page. Didn't realize the level of stupidity
    2 weeks ago Lexy Armstrong
    Dawn LaMaster okay then either stop being a stick in the mud, or just simply unfollow the page, it really is that simple.
    2 week ago Dawn LaMaster
    You might be the biggest ass hat yet Lexy, and stupid yep, you stupid. One comment, you want me to leave? Wtf, go stand on the tracks
    2 weeks ago Kristian Booker Brummett 11
    Hey Spd, yall should go to shenanigans after this lol. So many snowflakes, when all you're trying to do is keep them all safe. Take it easy with the logic, you might melt them. I love yall. Stay safe.
    2 weeks ago John Edwards 9
    I wish we’d figure wtf is going on with this shitshow construction before we worry about walking across railroad tracks. I think I made 13 traffic violations on accident going from the Walmart DC to 31.
    2 weeks ago Nicholas Moore 1
    John Edwards would be even better if our cops worried about keeping people in jail who break probation to break into ex wives house and put bags over heads instead of just letting them back out and giving them some more probation.
    2 weeks ago John Edwards
    Nicholas Moore ehhhh is that their doing though?
    2 weeks ago Elijah Clinton Cobra Williams 1
    2 weeks ago Nick Scott 6
    Nicholas Moore think that falls more under a judge but what do I know
    2 weeks ago Josh Barlow
    Nicholas Moore come on man!!!😂
    2 weeks ago Carlos Rodriguez Galicia
    John Edwards
    2 weeks ago Lexy Armstrong
    Nicholas Moore that has nothing to do with the cops, unfortunately that falls under the judges and prosecutors.
    2 weeks ago Kelsie Anderson 8
    I saw a group of kiddos (mainly on their phones) walking right on the tracks and 2 minutes later a train came. Thank you to the officers who got them off the tracks immediately once seeing them! You prevented a disaster.
    2 weeks ago Jon Guffey 6
    Sorry Seymour Police Department I have got a hankering for fried goodness that cannot be stopped, or rerouted to the nearest crosswalk!
    2 weeks ago Joshua Alvey 5
    I have literally crossed the tracks at this spot you have pictured during octoberfest my whole life
    2 weeks ago Cole White 6
    Joshua Alvey pretty sure they’re posting this more or less as a “we told you so” if something were to happen or if an officer felt like sticking to the exact rule book
    2 weeks ago Seymour Police Department 6
    Joshua Alvey 🧐
    2 weeks ago Michael Ihle 3
    How ridiculous.
    2 weeks ago Seymour Police Department 118
    Michael Ihle Keeping people away from 18,000 tons of freight train that cannot effectively stop for miles is ridiculous?
    2 weeks ago Edwin Hall
    See Ivan Rohde's comment.
    2 weeks ago Julie Stewart 2
    Some of you people need to grow up, If you want to be stupid fine, But their being serious. 🙄
    2 weeks ago Michael Ihle 2
    Seymour Police Department People have eyes that can do that. Your law doesn't protect anyone. It punishes people for harming no one. It's ridiculous. You all don't have any bigger problems in your town than to enforce that?
    2 weeks ago Michael Ihle
    Julie Stewart Some people need to grow up and realize that government isn't anyone's parent.
    2 weeks ago Jacob R Maxwell 3
    Michael Ihle if people used their eyes it wouldn’t have been made into a law.  Also, technically railroads are considered private property owned by the rail companies. So therefore most property laws can be enforce there as well
    2 weeks ago Michael Ihle 1
    Jacob R Maxwell Goverment isn't anyone's parent and should stop acting like it. And since railroads are private property, enforce trespassing laws. This law is ridiculous, protects no one, and is unneeded.

    2 weeks ago Seymour Police Department 40
    Michael Ihle
    It's not "our" law. We don't write them. They don't even ask us what we think about them most of the time.   We also enforce a whole lot more than railroad variances. We have a fairly large festival in our town next to a very busy rail line, and yes, this is probably one of the most disregarded laws we have based on the events in our town. We have absolutely had pedestrians struck by trains in Seymour. Kind of shocking that you'd assume everyone has "eyes" and can see or can even hear an approaching train especially in a crowd. Stay off the tracks and cross at designated and established pedestrian areas, and this entire post is a non-issue.
    2 weeks ago Jacob R Maxwell 2
    Michael Ihle while I agree that big government is the worst kind of government maybe you should be more concerned about government in WV than IN
    2 weeks ago Michelle Hickman
    Probably has something to do with that welcome sign in Seymour

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