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  • 1 day ago by

    THEY'RE READY!!! The Photos from the D.A.R.E. Jeep Rally are ready! We have provided a link below to make them easier to download 👍  Special thanks to Heather Trapp for her photography skills! 📸
    1 day ago Donald Duane Morris 1
    Hopefully we'll be there next year
    1 day ago Chelsea Burrell
    Yaaas! Do you know who was taking videos of the man made climb at the end?
    1 day ago Seymour Police Department
    Chelsea Burrell Tim Toborg had some 👍
    1 day ago Chelsea Burrell
    Tim Toborg a woman got ours, but it wasn’t your wife. Do you happen to know who it was standing on the hill across the way?
    1 day ago Tim Toborg
    Chelsea Burrell I’ll have to do some checking....
    1 day ago Chelsea Burrell 1
    She had on a blue top, short blonde hair
    1 day ago Erin Sloan Darlage
    Wow! Thank you 😊
    1 day ago Shannon Stoops
    Thank you! Great pics
    1 day ago Jasmine Robbins
    Missy Sharp Thomas Kimberly Thomas
    1 day ago Dave Barton
    Looks like a good time for everyone
    12 hours ago Linda Charles
    Great pictures.
    1 day ago Danny Jones
    Great pics and was a great event. Good job SPD
    1 day ago James Akemon
    Great job.
    1 day ago Debbie Schroer
    Awesome pictures. Great job SPD
  • 2 days ago by

    They're back at it... 😡  In recent months the Seymour Police Department and several surrounding agencies have seen a resurgence in catalytic converter thefts from the exhaust systems of vehicles in the nighttime hours. 🚗🌌  Most of these thefts are conducted using a cordless electric Sawzall type reciprocating saw with a metal blade. Thieves can remove the converter in a matter of minutes and then sell the converter to metal scrapyards for a few hundred dollars due to the precious metals inside. There are safeguards to prevent this, but thieves may travel to turn in the converters at different locations to reduce the chance of being caught.  Please report ALL suspicious activity at night (strange vehicles in the area, people observed loitering in dark lots, people with power equipment at night, sounds of sawing, flashlights/ people under vehicles at night) and be vigilant of your vehicles, specifically gas-powered larger trucks / work vehicles with a high ground clearance and hybrid vehicles.  We urge citizens to take additional steps to protect their vehicles:
    -park in well-lit areas at night
    -park in a secure garage when possible
    -park near your residence
    -check your vehicle often
    -use surveillance systems
    -park near your home
    -consider etching the vehicle VIN on the converter #theftisntcool #handsoffmyconverter #unwantedmechanics #police #seymour #seymourpd
    2 days ago Derek Gerth 4
    Can't steal a cat if you don't have one 🤔. #straightpipesmatter
    2 days ago Seymour Police Department
    Derek Gerth 🧐
    2 days ago Derek Gerth
    Seymour Police Department 🤫
    2 days ago Andrew Mayo 1
    Derek Gerth

    2 days ago Cynthia Perdue 3
    They’re too lazy to do actual work..... even $10.00 will get them high for a few minutes. They can’t be evicted right now because of Rona; plenty of food pantries; gas cards or bus cards are free at Love Chapel; utilities can’t be shut off due to Rona. So there ya go !!
    2 days ago Rhonda Ayers Wilson 3
    Scrap yards need to quit buying them unless they prove where they got them
    2 days ago Jonathan Robertson 4
    Rhonda Ayers Wilson up north, we have to, if we turn in a cat, scr, dpf, or anything similar, we have to prove what it came off of, and prove we replaced it. Otherwise the yards won't take them.
    2 days ago Kaitlyn Carr 3
    I'm so sick and tired of thieves in seymour. I had someone break into my vehicle earlier this year and the only thing they took was the book to my jeep. Like why??
    2 days ago Tiffany Lee
    Kaitlyn Carr we lived in seymour years ago. Someone broke into my moms car and stole her chap stick and a cross necklace 🤦🏻‍♀️
    2 days ago Kaitlyn Carr
    Tiffany Lee people are insane
    2 days ago Mary Modesty
    Kaitlyn Carr they broke into mine and only got some steroids for a bad case of poison ivy! They were only gonna get hungry after those 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    2 days ago Shane Shubert 2
    I dont even understand why, steel prices have been at an all time low
    2 days ago Daniel Thorneycroft 1
    Shane Shubert Catalytic converters contain some very precious metals, and depending on what kind of vehicle it is on, can bring in a substantial amount of money (talking upwards to 500-600 $$)
    2 days ago Shane Shubert
    Daniel Thorneycroft I know that, its the platinum, but those prices even fluxuate with the economy and follow current steel prices to a degree.
    2 days ago Steve Curry 1
    They are not after the steel. The substrate or brick has several precious metals. The wrap or mat around the substrate also carries value if not harmed. -Faurecia exhaust engineering.
    2 days ago Maggie Shanafelt 3
    Shane Shubert I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it either. All the hard work they put into selling something, they would have just worked an actually job and got the money 🤷🏼‍♀️
    2 days ago Rachel Wilkerson 3
    Meth people, it's to buy drugs. They can't pass a drug test for work and they don't care about the current price of metals. They sell it for scrap and hit the drug house.
    2 days ago Tim WAtson 2
    It's not only people that use meth or any other drugs that are stealing them. I hate that every time something like this comes up people are so quick to put all the blame on people that use drugs. You all act like no one else is capable of doing this.
    2 days ago Dana J. Freese
    Steve Curry platinum is low right now. Only around $900.00 an ounce lol if these idiots knew how to get it pure they would make a killing! Probably lucky to make $10.00
    2 days ago Susie Glasgow 1
    Is it true these are used to make Meth ? That is what I heard .
    2 days ago Jordan Cox
    Susie Glasgow false.
    2 days ago Larry Deaton
    Jordan Cox but they use the ill gotten gains from it to buy meth , lol
    2 days ago Jordan Cox
    Uhh true. But that's not what she asked.
    2 days ago Seymour Police Department 4
    Jordan Cox is correct. These are usually just sold for a quick buck.
    2 days ago Miesha Michelle Johnson
    Seymour Police Department i love hoe the seymour police department is helpful ! Thank you!
    23 hours ago Nick Hetherington 1
    A catalytic converter to make meth. You've gotta be kidding me 😂😂😂
    2 days ago Fox Willie 1
    As long as recycling centers take them off of vehicles this theft will keep happening .
    2 days ago Paul French
    They got me at boat ramp while fishing daylight hours
    2 days ago Mary French
    Paul French your dad to😡
    2 days ago Paul French
    Mary French yep
    2 days ago Amber Prather
    Scrap yards need to ban all converters coming in for money. It may stop that kind of theft.
    But a thief is a thief till he fully repents.
    2 days ago Shannon Scott
    Amber Prather there's numerous catalytic converter Recyclers in Edinburgh thats all they buy
  • 3 days ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to recognize all of the Seymour youth taking part in Red Ribbon Week and encourage parents to take this opportunity to talk with your children about the dangers of drug abuse. Together we can make a difference! YOU are worth it and it's never too late to make a change. 🎀❤️🎀❤️🎀❤️🎀❤️🎀❤️🎀❤️ #redribbonweek #noonefightsalone #notonemore #future #seymour #seymourindiana #seymourpd
    1 day ago Charles Hanson
    3 days ago Deb Morgan
    3 days ago Kim B. Willman
  • 3 days ago by

    Food is available tomorrow for those in need 👍
    2 days ago Isabel Ponce
  • 5 days ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to take a moment to bid farewell to Sergeant Jake Florine as he has made the difficult decision to pursue other career ventures.   Sergeant Florine has served with Seymour Police Department for the past eight years with honor, integrity, and a steadfast dedication to our community. He will be gravely missed as a mentor, brother, and asset to our capabilities here at SPD.   Godspeed, Sergeant Florine 🇺🇲
    5 days ago DavidSharon Florine 5
    So proud of Jacob as a son, husband, dad, and man of God.
    5 days ago Laura Stahl
    DavidSharon Florine he’s a great man!
    4 days ago RD Cockerham
    He was raised right. Always took the time to talk. He lit me up 1 night by the hospital. Said it was a slow night, just wanted to shoot the breeze for awhile. Heck of a guy. Good luck jake
    5 days ago Jessica Carpenter Payne 1
    😢 such an impact you were in this community. It will take a great individual to fill this void. Good luck to you in your future endeavors 🖤💙
    5 days ago Fred M. Condra 1
    Thank you for your service!
    5 days ago Peggy Rascoe Teipen
    What? No...I wish you the best. I will miss you!!
    5 days ago Brenda Turner
    Thank you for your years of dedication and service to Seymour's residents and businesses!
    5 days ago Jessica Tirey Scott
    Please tell me he's decided to be a dentist
    5 days ago Seymour Police Department
    Jessica Tirey Scott He does have the name for it 🦷
    5 days ago Jessica Tirey Scott
    Seymour Police Department exactly 🙂
    5 days ago Brad Barker
    Great man and officer. Wish you the best jake.
    5 days ago Matthew Roy
    Best wishes, hate to see you go but hope you find enjoyment in the new career.
    5 days ago Deb Morgan
    Best of luck to you Jake.
    5 days ago Michelle Fitch
    Best of luck he was one of the good SPD officers 👮‍♀️
  • 6 days ago by

    The Seymour Police Department is attempting to locate Bethany Coomer (19 y/o female) regarding her involvement in the recent shooting incident on North Ewing Street in Seymour. We believe Coomer is aware and may be attempting to evade law enforcement at this time. Her last known location was in the North Vernon area.  Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Coomer is asked to contact Seymour Police Department at 812-522-1234. *Coomer is wanted for questioning at this time and is presumed innocent of any crime unless and until convicted of such in a court of law*
    6 days ago Michelle Crank 14
    Karma sucks ! She spends years bullying the hell out of my daughter and she is a sad messed up kid.
    6 days ago Chris Jones 12
    How ironic??? Lmao 😂😂
    6 days ago Seymour Police Department 30
    Chris Jones yeah, we have that effect on people unfortunately 😔
    6 days ago Angela Rose Pelfrey
    Chris Jones she also posted a week ago that she’s facing “big girl time” over this so she knows lmao
    6 days ago Chris Wiese 8
    Angela Rose Pelfrey she will be ok. You can kill a man in the Jay C parking lot and be released from the Jail after a year and a half.
    5 days ago Shawn Michael Green
    Chris Wiese right? Isn't that just sick?
    5 days ago Chris Wiese 1
    When the man lost his life in front of his children. Yes.
    5 days ago Storm Napier 6
    Chris Wiese it was a 61 year old man involved in a domestic situation with a man who everyone at the scene said caused it and that the older gentleman just defended himself. But yeah let’s compare that to a young girl who thinks hanging out with street guys and shooting guns makes her tough
    5 days ago Storm Napier 2
    Chris Wiese the man was said to be very violent and to have cause the altercation.
    5 days ago Jason Fitch 1
    Storm Napier I was in jail with the man that killed that idiot and the old man is one of the most laid back people I have ever met he had all the right to shoot some young punk trying to start shit with him I think more people should be that way and all you punk ass kids might get your act together
    5 days ago Chris Wiese 2
    He pushed the guy. But even before they had already been feuding and the old man said he would kill him. And what happened? He killed him in front of his children. It should of been a premeditated charge.
    5 days ago Jordan Westmoreland 1
    Chris Wiese amen!
    6 days ago Jessica Miller Hammond 4
    so young. so sad
    6 days ago Keighana Thomas 19
    Jessica Miller Hammond it’s called ignorance 😂😂 not sure she’ll ever be any different lmaoo
    6 days ago Lisa Barlow 5
    Keighana Thomas about as ignorant as making fun of someone who just threw their whole life away huh? There was a VICTIM here. Nothing funny about it whether u like the girl or not. And no I don't know any of these people But you're arrogance is ridiculous!!
    6 days ago Keighana Thomas 5
    okay sis 😂 i know the story & know the victim. more than you do, so move along now
    6 days ago Reina Villegas 2
    Lisa Barlow karma is a bitch Lisa but like kei said PLS move along 😂
    6 days ago Jessica Miller Hammond 1
    Keighana Thomas sure you do
    6 days ago Amanda Jones 3
    Parents have a lot to do with it... unfortunately a good old fashioned ass whoopin is frowned on now days. Respect and common sense went out the door when that went out
    6 days ago Missy Atkins 1
    Amanda Jones amen!!
    6 days ago Lisa Barlow 2
    Keighana Thomas Don't really care who you know. What exactly does that have to do with your stupidity?
    6 days ago Stu Silver III 2
    Lisa Barlow she’s not stupid. Keighana Thomas was just stating her opinion which r probably the facts
    6 days ago Jessica Miller Hammond 2
    Stu Silver III an opinion does not equal facts. and do you know if lisa barlow is really stupid or not?

    6 days ago Cathy Prather Otte 3
    I hope she is found safe and sound. 💜 you Bethany.
    6 days ago Alex Deleon 4
    Cathy Prather Otte she running from them she more then safe 🤣
    6 days ago Naomi Scarlett Branson 2
    She’s probably terrified of either the police or the shooter.
    5 days ago Jacob Leturgez
    Naomi o shit got serious with that said uh oh!!! Where’s that emoji at Facebook
    5 days ago Jacob Leturgez
    Naomi I only say that cause if you accompliced a shooter and than are scared of such...  Serious emojis
    5 days ago Julie Stewart
    Omg people, GTFU 😕
    6 days ago Agelica Newport
    Bianca Roybal
    6 days ago Jossalyn Yolanda De Leon 1
    she should have called the cops that night and told them the mess all these people were in and if she would’ve stayed there and in her car instead of driving away she probably wouldn’t be in this mess. Whether or not she knew what was happening, cops will consider that accessory to the crime for being there and driving off.
    6 days ago Bianca Roybal
    You right 💯

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