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  • 2 days ago by

    ***Incident Release***  On January 21, 2021 at approximately 10:26 PM, Seymour Police Department Communications received a call advising that an individual had been stabbed in the 900 block of N. O’Brien St. Patrol officers responded to the location and found a male victim age 30, that had suffered a stab wound to the stomach. It was determined by patrol officers that the victim had been stabbed with a spear. The victim was immediately taken to Schenck Medical Center for Treatment. Once at Schneck Medical Center, it was determined that the victim needed further treatment and was transferred to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.   Investigators were then called to the scene. A Jackson Superior Court Search Warrant was obtained for the residence at 923 N. O’Brien St. During the search of the residence, Investigators and patrol officers located drugs, drug paraphernalia, and the spear allegedly used in the incident. All items mentioned were collected as evidence.  Arrested in the case was Matthew C. Smith age 21 of 923 N. O’Brien St. Smith was arrested for attempted murder a level 1 felony, possession of heroin (Fentanyl), Violation of the legend drug act a level 6 felony, possession of a controlled substance a class A misdemeanor, and possession of paraphernalia a class A misdemeanor. Smith was taken to the Jackson County Jail and remanded into the custody of the Jail Staff. At the time of this news release, the victim is in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing. Lt. C. J. Foster Seymour Police Department  *This is a police narrative of events. All persons mentioned herein are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law*
    2 days ago Rebecca Faught 2
    Unless ANY OF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, whats your matter.. Jus tell the spd good job and move on before more slander.... Think of the family in BOTH situations.. They are going thru what you are not....
    2 days ago Hawk Mcbee
    Rebecca Faught

    2 days ago Rebecca Faught
    Hawk Mcbee hopefully it happens to you.. Smh
    2 days ago Hawk Mcbee
    Rebecca Faught you're a real nice person. Said no one ever!
    2 days ago Rebecca Faught
    Hawk Mcbee sorry not sorry, Im a BITCH and own that shit
    2 days ago Shawna Kaffenberger Boas 1
    2 days ago Elizabeth Jane Strong 1
    The best way to get away from the drugs is move away noone will help you they wanna see you fail and cuffed in Jackson co its sad
    2 days ago Basil Miller 1
    I do have an issue of SPD putting exact address on facebook of people in jail
    2 days ago Izabella Nicholson
    Wendy Nicholson
    1 day ago Cody Blair
    Landon Burns
    2 days ago Beth Duncan
    Good job!
    2 days ago Charles Hank Luckey Reynolds
    Are the Romans making a comeback?
    Great Job SPD, stay safe.
    2 days ago Ray Ramos
    A dam spear
    2 days ago James J. Lawson
    ..a spear; now that's different.
    2 days ago Charles Hank Luckey Reynolds
    James J. Lawson Shaka Zulu.
    2 days ago Jack Swindell
    James J. Lawson A for originality.
  • 2 days ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to congratulate Sergeant Michael Cooper for receiving SPD's 2020 Supervisor of the Year award.  Sergeant Cooper is Seymour Police Department's first training coordinator and has worked tirelessly in establishing training protocols and hosting training opportunities for Seymour and surrounding agencies. Congratulations, Sergeant Cooper!! 👏👏👏
    2 days ago Brenda Turner
    Thank you for protecting and serving our community!
    2 days ago Nancy Otley
    So proud of you. You deserve this and more. Congratulations!!
    2 days ago Ann Mullins
    Congratulations. Great job. God bless you.
    2 days ago Sheryl Polley
    Congratulations ❤️ Mike!
    2 days ago Mildred Sease
    Congratulations from Ray and Mildred Sease
    2 days ago Lisa Zeigler
    Congratulations Sgt. Mike Cooper! 💙👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done!
    2 days ago Tom Oktavec
    Congratulations Mike. Well deserved. Thanks for all your hard work.
    2 days ago Jack Swindell
    Congratulations Mike. Well deserved.
    2 days ago Dick Otley
    Congratulations Mike that a very well deserved honor god bless you and your family.
    2 days ago Chad Dixon
    Congrats Cooper, well deserved!!
  • 1 week ago by

    We've had several questions pertaining to online groups regarding child solicitation accusations and videos.  We at SPD make every effort to pursue these accusations, however, the manner in which some of these groups operate create unique issues regarding legal prosecution and the due process of criminal law.   We encourage anyone having information regarding a crime to contact local law enforcement so that a law enforcement based investigation can be conducted into the matter.   Please see the document below from Jackson County Prosecutor Jeff Chalfant regarding such accusations.
    1 week ago Brennan Nighthawk Spicer 39
    When the law turns their back on sex crimes then it’s up to society to bring them to light. Wrong is wrong regardless who catches them in the act. As previously stated in a comment, there was a guy in Jennings county getting away with little to no punishment. If the law won’t take it serious then citizens will.
    1 week ago Amanda Jones 2
    Brennan Nighthawk Spicer Amen!!!! Say it louder!!!
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department
    We hope this is anecdotal. If anyone feels we have turned a blind eye to crimes like this, please reach out to us. We are committed to getting such people off the streets.
    1 week ago Brennan Nighthawk Spicer 8
    Seymour Police Department I’m not saying you as an agency. I’m talking prosecutors and judges. Let’s face it, the predators get a slap on the wrist. Half of the time they get bailed out in less than 48 hours.
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 2
    Brennan Nighthawk Spicer Understood.
    1 week ago Amanda Jones 18
    Brennan thats so true. People with a Marijuana charge is in jail longer than a child molester. Its sickening honestly.
    1 week ago Eric Hammett 3
    They have turned the blind eye trust me
    1 week ago Naomi Scarlett Branson
    Brennan Nighthawk Spicer research your state laws/mandates regarding children/underage laws. Not taking sides, just saying, things can be more complicated than it appears to you and me. States mandate laws along with Federal laws, if evidence is not clear or nonexistent, or witnesses testify against what you believe you saw or heard, or if you’re basing your judgment on an outside individual, it could be regarded as hearsay. Too many laws for me to keep up with, but just suggesting you try to withhold knee jerking?
    1 week ago Brennan Nighthawk Spicer 5
    Naomi Scarlett Branson my thing is when it’s black and white and there’s concrete proof, it shouldn’t be just a slap on the wrist and go about your life. There needs to be accountability and harsher punishments. I guarantee if there was harsher punishments for sex crimes, people would think twice before doing it.
    1 week ago Mindi Spall Delph 1
    i had a predator after my daughter a few years ago. He lived out of state so they said there was nothing that could be done! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I had the messages, the guys real name and address!
    1 week ago Katherine Mitchell Smith
    Seymour Police Department in support of the police department, once it leaves their hands and heads to prosecution, they have set the ball rolling and their hands are somewhat tied at that point. They have done their job to get it to prosecution. Proud of the Seymour Police Department.
    1 week ago Benji White 9
    I think they sould do what ever they can to get these people off the streets. And if civilians can do it let them cause evidently it's working
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department
    Benji White We agree and that's our point... It's hard for a civilian to organically built a criminal case to actually get these people off the streets.  If everyone is fine with a public shaming on social media, it will work for that.
    1 week ago Benji White 3
    If someone shows up to meet a minor how much more evidence do you need i think they tie to much tax dollars up in this
    4 days ago Bo Patty
    Seymour Police Department its weird you say this because the pages you refer to in other counties work with officers and hand over everything. It just seems you are trying extra hard not to do anything. The teacher that was arrested up north. That was them. Others I have seen have been arrested. They hand over what they have and then officers do their own investigation and arrest. You are dismissing off hand. You ask for help and when ya get it turn it away. Because pedophiles can hide their actions one person just can't call like robbery and crimes as such. Quit being hypocrites.
    1 week ago Shari Black 2
    Seems like they are pissy because the groups have obviously done better police work than the actual police. These groups are actively catching these sick ppl. While the police do what? Catch 3 to 8 a year? The groups are trying to protect our children. While apparently the Justice system is failing in protecting our children. These sick sick ppl get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. While the groups publicly humiliate these individuals which is way better than what the courts do and they also put their faces out there so we can be on the look out for these SICK TWISTED NASTY INDIVIDUALS.
    1 week ago Shari Black
    I read somewhere not long ago its something 53k to support an inmate a year. So with that being said these sick ppl don't deserve that 53k spent on them a year. I believe that 9mm is like what 1.07 a round? Hmm.. yeah.. 53k a year for 1 person vs 1.07 for 1 round per sick person who messes with babies/children/minors.
    And there is a thing called an indigent burial.
    4 days ago Eric McBee 2
    If the police were doing their job on this people wouldn’t be out doing it. Quit writing speeding tickets and locking up nonviolent drug offenders and go after the real crime. Derp
    4 days ago Ben Voils 1
    I believe the police department is setting themselves up for trouble. Whats going to happen with they turn their back on a very credible and obvious tip then that suspect turns around and commits a crime? The fault will fall on the police department for ignoring the tip.
    6 days ago Chris Brooks
    There have been multiple arrest I've seen lately through what they are doing. I'm honestly not sure why there isn't a law enforcement group nationwide that does specifically what these groups are doing. I do agree that eventually It might turn violent and its dangerous but it's also understandable why people are doing it.
    6 days ago Frances Bowling Sr.
    So it makes y’all look bad when a regular citizen can do your jobs better than you.
    6 days ago Jason Wilde
    People do this because when they report it and the alleged perp decides he doesn’t want to talk to the cops the case gets dropped. The police refuse to investigate because the perp is a snitch.
    4 days ago Christina Hamilton
    I was 5 years old when my abuse started, and 7 or 8 when it was over. He has been in and out of jail and now, somehow, he is a business owner. I hear his voice advertising his business on the radio. I don't want more jail time for him. I want his life completely ruined. I didn't know when I was 5 -8 years old that I needed to tell someone that something was wrong because he made it seem like it was something that was good but that we would both be in trouble for it. My family talks about him like he's really doing well in life now, and I just want to scream. But nothing good would come from me telling them what he did, and honestly I don't think most of them would even believe me. So I hate him in secret every single day of my life. And I was a lucky one. He didn't allow his friends to take turns. He didn't hit me; it was never violent. He didn't kidnap me or try to sell me. But... I WAS 5 YEARS OLD!!! I was never allowed to have an innocent childhood. I was never allowed to discover things naturally. I thought that's what life was about. I have never had confidence in myself because he would tell me I wasn't really pretty and he would have magazines open beside me. As I grew up, I honestly thought that the only way I would have someone interested in me is if I did the things he told me to do when I was little. He ruined any chance I could have had at a happy adulthood and a healthy relationship. The things I did as a teenager and young adult was a direct result of what I had gone through with him. Once I figured out that all of that was actually NOT the way to find happiness I had already made too many mistakes to start over. I could never be a good person after everything I had done. Now, years later, I have been married to the wrong guy a few times and I am alone. I will remain alone the rest of my life because I have been through too much to be a good choice for a good man.  I tell you all of this because how is this story (which is absolutely nothing compared to what some children go through) any less than taking a life. He took my chance for a good life from me. I am still living, but in daily torment. I will never grow old with my great love by my side. The things he made me believe about how the world works governed my decisions as a younger person and those decisions ruined me and my reputation, ensuring that I would never be worthy of a good marriage or life. Had someone found out way back back then he would have had to go to counseling MAYBE because he was only 15 to 17. There would have been no justice really. They would have treated him like he needed help. The damage was done, justice or not. But why does he get to have a good life now? Why am I the one crying alone at this very moment while he's living well? He recently made donations to the local needy, and all over facebook he was a great guy. All I could feel was that I am the rejected trash.  So if vigilantes can take down some of these people, I am very deeply grateful! I will donate to their work. Private message me and I will do my best to support your work.
    1 week ago Louann Gosnell
    Definitely agree, let the professionals do their job
    1 week ago Mindi Spall Delph 6
    Louann Gosnell but they aren’t! The group caught 2 predators from Seymour within a week! 😱
    1 week ago Mikala Dawn Robinson 2
    Mindi Spall Delph exactly ! The “professionals” aren’t doing a very good job.
    1 week ago Louann Gosnell 2
    Mindi Spall Delph I call that group professionals. I was talking about every Tom, Dick & Harry have no business getting involved
  • 1 week ago by

    So, downtown parking fines have been raised to $10. This interesting character found that out the hard way.   🎟️👮‍♂️ #livespd #seymourpd #rollerskaterepair #danchambers #seriously #indiana #police  https://www.facebook...693872/?sfnsn=mo
    1 week ago Jim Bob 2
    1zero7 thinks he's something, that poor guy didn't even have pants !
    1 week ago Brad Knight 1
    They spoke of getting a $10 ticket. Where can you get one and what does the ticket get you into?
    1 week ago Brad Knight 1
    Jim Bob must be a concert if it’s 2 hrs long

    6 days ago Melody Hammer Biddle
    This is great 😂
  • 1 week ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to extend a warm welcome to two fresh new dispatchers: Connor Hignite (R127) and Phaedra Gonzalez (R128)   Both will be working 2nd shift and have started their training and indoctrination process. One dispatch position remains open for interested parties.   Welcome to the team!! 👏👏👏 #dispatch #newhires #idacslife #goldline #police #seymourpd #hello #nineoneone #welcome #seymour #HeadSetNotIncluded
    1 week ago Louann Gosnell 1
    Congratulations to the both of them
    5 days ago Leah Diaz
    1 week ago Aubrey Michael Woods
    1 week ago Chrissy Booth
    Omg congratulations nephew!!!
    1 week ago Rebecca Parkerson-Claycamp
    It’s seems like just yesterday I was R53!! Congrats to both of you-keep them safe❤️❤️
    1 week ago Vina López
    I need that position ✋🏼
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department
    Vina López applications are available in our lobby
    1 week ago Tabitha March
    How do I go about applying?
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department
    Tabitha March applications are available in our lobby.
    1 week ago Cindy Barnard
    Do you have a part-time dispatch position available? could even be a swing shift position!
    1 week ago David L. Lutz
    1 week ago Audrey Bayles Castro
    Congrats Connor!!!
  • 1 week ago by

    Today SPD honors the vision and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Our lobby and administrative offices will be closed today in observance.
    6 days ago Joshua Sandlin
    Contributing to well fare checks

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