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This will be achieved with respectful, fair, and impartial policing, combined with strong community engagement and partnerships.

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  • 2 days ago by

    If you are attending our Agility Testing tomorrow, September 19, 2020, please note THAT IT STARTS AT 8:00 a.m.; Doors open at 7:45 a.m
    2 days ago Tim Bryant 2
    Donuts at 7:50?
    2 days ago Courtnie Elaine Ray
    Riley Clark
    1 day ago Chris Klakamp
    Is this with the K9's ? Would love to check that out sometime.
    1 day ago Ray Glover
    Do yall hire felons ?
  • 2 days ago by

    ***NEWS RELEASE*** On September 18, 2020, at approximately 7:15 AM, investigators and officers with the Seymour Police Department and investigators with the Jackson County Sheriff Department executed a Jackson Superior Court 1 Search Warrant at a garage made into a residence behind 338 S. Broadway St. Seymour, Indiana. Investigators had developed probable cause that methamphetamine was being dealt from the location.  When the search warrant was executed, investigators and officers located Dwight Weddel age 37 of Seymour and Keisha Canada age 25 of Seymour. Both individuals were taken into custody  During the search of the location, investigators and officers located over 45 grams of methamphetamine which has an estimated street value of $4,500.00, over 75 grams of marijuana which has an estimated street value of $1,000.00, over $1,700.00 in U.S. currency, and numerous paraphernalia items.  Both Weddel and Canada were arrested for dealing in methamphetamine a Level 2 felony, possession of a hypodermic syringe a Level 6 felony, possession of marijuana a Class A misdemeanor, and possession of paraphernalia a Class A misdemeanor. Both Weddel and Canada were taken to the Jackson County Jail and turned over to the Jail Division for processing. The investigation is still ongoing.  All subjects mentioned are presumed innocent until and unless convicted in a court of law. Lt. C. J. Foster Seymour Police Department
    2 days ago Shawnbillie Morris 3
    Great job!! Glade there of the street and you all area safe so proud of our Seymour Police Officers keep up the good work be safe and god bless you all
    2 days ago Chris Klakamp 1
    Now if to Prosecutor and Judges would work as hard Keeping that crap off the streets we'd be doing great.
    2 days ago Hubert Gregory 1
    Great job, taking another one off the street. Keep our city clean.
    2 days ago Karen Williams 1
    Great job keep it up there are a lot more out there.
    2 days ago N Jeanine Haas Baxter
    Keep working that quadrant of town...thank you!
    2 days ago Dianna Robinson Shirley
    Great more dealers locked up.
    2 days ago Pam McMillan Tilford
    Great job Sheriff's department and Seymour PD! Thanks for taking that poison off the streets.
    2 days ago Tom Oktavec
    Good job SPD. Keep the pressure on!!
    2 days ago Joe Haas
    Another mission done well. Great work, SPD.
    2 days ago Billy Brown
    A decent score! Good work
  • 3 days ago by

    No cap, we've been busy lately 🥵 DARE back in full effect, hiring process this weekend, streets staying restless, cool fundraisers and meet and greet opportunities coming up next month...  Through the tough times and the good, one thing that stays consistent is the joy that chips and dip bring to our lives 🙌 #weheartchips  Shout out to our homies across the tracks 🚂 at Rails Craft Brew & Eatery - Seymour for surprising us with their delicious chip and dip selection today 🧀  We've said it before, but your support is the lifeblood of what we do. Thank you Seymour for being the little town with a big ❤️ #seymour #smashinchips #cashinthesechips #whenidipyoudipwedip #rails #thankyou #police #seymourpd #food #
    3 days ago Samantha Spangle 2
    I miss dare
    1 day ago Laura Clark
    Samantha Spangle sameee like can I voulneteer ??? Like I know the teens are far role models but can I be their dare remodels since I haven't really drank (it's been two years and even then it was on hard days the day I lost my son, his bday, and mother's day)smoke ( haven't touched cigars since I was 18) or done ANY drugs(EVER)?
    3 days ago Jesus Mil Villaseca
    no cap 🧢
    3 days ago Mike Pike
    Very Great
    2 days ago Billie Combs Miskell
    Thank you for all you do seymour police department
    3 days ago Ricky Cole
    Hope I make the hiring cut
    3 days ago Allen Red Redelman
  • 3 days ago by

    The Seymour Police Department is requesting your assistance in identifying the subject in this surveillance footage.   If anyone recognizes this person, please contact our dispatch at 522-1234 reference case 20-S10351.
    3 days ago Brandon Phillips 5
    When you find him tell him I want to speak to him.
    3 days ago Tracey Lynn Phillips
    Brandon Phillips get him babe!
    3 days ago Chris Klakamp 3
    Ok. Is this from an incident a while back or a new one ? Cuz y'all been looking for this guy before.
    3 days ago N Jeanine Haas Baxter 3
    I thought he had already been identified.
    3 days ago Ronnie D Smith 1
    I thought that as well when this was posted a few weeks ago.
    3 days ago Amy Jo Hanners 1
    This is not Brian Embroy he is & has been in prison
    2 days ago Bobby Staats 1
    The NASA tshirt is probably a vacation gift. Look for some family that visited NASA in past year. He probably has worn it to high school
    2 days ago Bree Nicole Bowers 1
    Bobby Staats you can buy this shirt at Wal-Mart lol
    1 day ago Ashley Grizzle 1
    Bobby Staats and cracker barrel
    3 days ago Joe Lynch 1
    Dam looks like my clone
    3 days ago Joe Snyder
    Joe Lynch
    3 days ago Joe Lynch 1
    Joe Snyder it's ok I got both arms covered in tattoos and he's got none I'm sure if camera quality was better it wouldn't look like me
    3 days ago Mateo Hernandez
    What he did,they need to explain more about it; otherwise I'm so busy guy's 😂
    3 days ago Jewel Morris
    My husband and I know brian embry personally and this is not him brian is tatted up and bigger then that
    3 days ago Mandie Durham
    Idk who he is but that shirt came from jc penney. Maybe they can get a better look at him on their cameras ☺️
    3 days ago Michelle Richey Wienhorst
    I was thinking the levitating spaceman was identified a little while back.
  • 6 days ago by

    SGT Florine spent part of his day today with this awesome group at St. John's Lutheran School, where he shared the finer points of being a police officer. 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🚓 Thanks for having us! St. John's Lutheran School Sauers  #seymour #seymourpd #bringyourcoptoschoolday #future #tomorrowsleaders #ourtown #police
    5 days ago Kay Klosterman
    5 days ago Dakota Schrader
    This is what I love about our community
    6 days ago Wanda Rickard Wilson
    This is awesome!
    5 days ago Brenda Klosterman
    Thank you for giving of your time and talents to talk to my class. They enjoyed it very much. Be safe!
    6 days ago Mandie Durham
    I absolutely LOVE the fact that our law enforcement officers take the time and energy to possibly change the course of a kid's life! Meanwhile across town I'm finding it hard not to try to pet the four legged fur covered officers that are just too cute!
    5 days ago Louann Gosnell
    Great work ethic
    6 days ago Don Haggerty
    Great to give the kids a hands on experience with the police department and their officers.
    5 days ago Mark Kasting
    Great job !
    6 days ago Steve Lanam
    5 days ago Ray Glover
    Aw- future informats
  • 1 week ago by

    We ask everyone to take a moment today to remember the innocent lives we lost, the heroes who sacrificed everything, and how an act designed to divide us actually brought us all closer together 🇺🇲 #neverforget #september11 #united #stronger #heroes #unitedwestand #police #seymour #seymourpd #america
    1 week ago Kelly Fox
    1 week ago David Osborne
    let's make this go viral.
    1 week ago Marsha Harris
    Prayers for all
    1 week ago Debbie Schroer
    1 week ago Susie Montgomery
    1 week ago Darra Luellen Moore
    My first thought was we can be united and indivisible.
    1 week ago Ray Glover
    In Jesus name. Bless all the police firefighters emt and first responders that answered that day
    6 days ago Betsy Milligan
    1 week ago Mike Pike
    AMEN God Bless

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