The mission of the Seymour Police Department is to create a safe environment for all residents and visitors to the City of Seymour. 

This will be achieved with respectful, fair, and impartial policing, combined with strong community engagement and partnerships.

The Relentless Pursuit of Police Excellence Through Community Involvement

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  • 1 day ago by

    PSA:  🎶 ☎️Stop callin', stop callin' I don't wanna talk anymore I got my head and my heart on the dance floor☎️ 🎶 💃🕺  We get a LOT of 911 hang-ups from cell phones. Each time this happens, an officer is sent out to ensure that no one is in need of help. Recently, we've been dispatched to several instances of 911 hang-ups involving children using old deactivated cell phones as toys or game systems.   Old cell phones without service can still call 911 as a safety feature. Please don't allow young children to use them as toys.  If you DO accidentally call 911- please DON'T HANG UP. We don't know the difference between an accidental dial and a person in distress, and officers will be dispatched to search for the caller. Remain on the line and explain the situation to the dispatcher. We may still respond in person just to double check for safety, but knowing an address can greatly speed up our response time and efficacy. #ladygaga4ever #stoptelephoningme #nineoneone #police #seymour #seymourpd #hangup #cellphone #hello
    1 day ago Jodie Smith 1
    My 4 year old did this last year. I had no idea old phones could still go through. I felt horrible and the dispatch lady was not too impressed. He did call about 20 times before i realized he was actually talking to someone. I definitely watch him closely now.
    1 day ago Larry Deaton 1
    It pings to the nearest address so could been someone driving by or a neighbor .
    1 day ago Donald Griffin II
    I have had your officers on two different early morning occasions. Knocking on my door. Because of a 911 hangup from a cell phone that pinged to my address. Even though everyone was asleep
    1 day ago Donald Griffin II 1
    Nothing against the police department or any of its fine officers. Just making a statement. That this clearly happens
    1 day ago Seymour Police Department
    Donald Griffin II No offense taken 👍
  • 1 day ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to give a shout out to all of the thoughtful and delicious food donations over the Thanksgiving Holiday! Our belts seem to have shrunk slightly this morning 🤷 #thankyou #shrinkingbelts #seymour #seymourpd #police #blessed
    1 day ago Isabel Ponce
    1 day ago Jim Bob
    no speeding tickets for her !
    1 day ago Cheyenne Blevins
    Jim Bob I sure hope not haha
    1 day ago John Ponder
    Y’all deserve it. Thanks for all that you do.
    1 day ago Vicki Newkirk
    Thanks to all of you for what you do.
    1 day ago Jim Lucas
    Thank you, and God Bless!
    1 day ago April England-Haggerty
    Thank you for keeping us safe!
    1 day ago Star Davidson-Gray
    Thank you for everything you do!!
    1 day ago Wanda Rickard Wilson
    Thank you for all you do and for keeping us all safe🥰
  • 5 days ago by

    ☑️ Jaywalking
    ☑️ Disorderly Conduct
    ☑️ Impeding the flow of traffic
    ☑️ Wrong way in a one-way
    ☑️ Failure to yield  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at your Seymour Police Department. May we all be thankful for the little blessings that surround us each and every day and treat each other like family. Thank you all for your continued support! Pro tip: Aunt Linda's mystery green bean casserole can be avoided through skillful use of a CDC-approved face covering 😷 P.S. don't go blowin' up any frozen turkeys in the deep fryer this year while watching a YouTube tutorial💣💥 SFD will not be amused 😤 #kaboom #happythanksgiving #turkeytrouble #seymourpd #police #seymour #ourtown #thankfulforyou
    5 days ago Joe Haag 2
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all of the officers on duty
    5 days ago Ricky Cole 1
    Love this post! Happy Thanksgiving to all SPD and dispatchers
    5 days ago Charles Hanson 1
    Happy Thanksgiving to all the officers and dispatchers at the Seymour pd thanks for keeping us all safe and to all of you be safe out there on the roads..
    5 days ago Melissa Polley-dunno 1
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. So blessed to have such great officer's
    5 days ago Kelly Fox 1
    Happy Thanksgiving SPD! Stay safe. 🦃🙏
    5 days ago Malinda Bicknell 1
    Happy Thanksgiving SPD! So thankful for you all! 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃
    5 days ago Joyce Bannister
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    5 days ago Vicki Newkirk
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you

  • 1 week ago by

    The Seymour Police Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Corporal Crystal Schapson to the position of Sergeant. Sergeant Schapson will fill the position vacated by the departure of Sergeant Florine.  Congratulations! 👏👏👏🎉 #sergeantpromotion #seymour #seymourpd #police #movinonup #stripes
    4 days ago Carissa Lakins
    Way to go girl!!!
    6 days ago Marshall Faught
    I think she used to be a house arrest officer...... regardless congratulations keep up the good work
    6 days ago David L Lakins
    Congratulations. Pretty cool you have a female as a Sergeant. Nice. Good Luck.
    1 week ago Rob Hickman
    Fine officer and a lot of fun to work with.
    1 week ago Pamela Merry McKay
    Congratulations! Safe travels and safe returns!
    1 week ago Patty Luecke Martin
    Thank you for being a great police officer !
    5 days ago Betty Ross Estes
    Congratulations Sgt. Schapson!!
    6 days ago Joseph Allman
    Be careful

  • 1 week ago by

    The Seymour Police Department would like to welcome our newest Patrolman, Officer Bradley Jay, (SPD 118) who was sworn in today at the Seymour Police Department.  #welcome #spd118 #seymour #seymourpd #police #spd #newhire
    1 week ago Tim Blandford 5
    Someone ought to tell that young man to wear black shoes with dark colored suits. Not light brown. Btw congratulations.
    1 week ago Vico Ray 2
    Tim Blandford A clean pair at least. Also, nothing worse than using a suit that is not your size. 🥴 It really says a lot about a person.
    But then again, he is getting sworn in to be a cop 🌚
    1 week ago Tim Blandford 2
    Vico Ray agreed
    1 week ago Amber Nicole White 20
    He’s young. We do not know his background. This could be his best pair of shoes and a borrowed suit.
    Regardless, he is taking an oath to serve and protect you.
    1 week ago Bev Batty Sarten 3
    Tim Blandford lighten up.
    1 week ago Cheyenne Blevins
    Tim Blandford there had to be one.  Hes swearing his life to protect you and me and everyone else in the city. Something I bet you don’t have the balls to do 😌 and especially in the times where police are being assaulted by doing their jobs.
    1 week ago Angela Rose Pelfrey 2
    Vico Ray why don’t y’all just let people where what they want to wear without rude judge mental comments.
    1 week ago Seth Keith 1
    Vico Ray I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed and thought this.
    1 week ago Tim Blandford 1
    Bev Batty Sarten in a word.....nope
    1 week ago Tim Blandford
    Angela Rose Pelfrey I was not being judgemental. Nor was I being rude. I was offering a younger individual a little advice. And I congratulated him.
    1 week ago Danzzii Danielle
    Wow here we go with the NEGATIVE bullshit! Get a damn grip on life... what if he works on a farm as well? Hmm so many reasons but who cares if life happens to someone else right?
    1 week ago Jim Lucas 5
    Congrats, and prayers for a safe and enjoyable career, God Bless!
    1 week ago Brett Hays
    Jim Lucas when you read the comments on a FB post and Jim took the high road. Lol.
    1 week ago Jim Lucas
    Brett Hays I usually do, it’s just that you don’t recognize it. 😉😊
    1 week ago Fred M. Condra 1
    Come by White Station rd and catch some speeders ...I will give you a cup of coffee...
    1 week ago Barb Stuckwisch
    Welcome to Seymour. And God bless you.
    1 week ago Gale Baird
    To those who have opinion on his wear, as a officer he will have a uniform & a gun.
    1 week ago Valerie Eckert
    Its a shame the attacks on his clothing aren't removed. Unbelievable. Congratulations, officer! Thank you for protecting and serving!
    1 week ago Scot Shutters
    Pro censorship huh?
    1 week ago Kelly Fox
    Congratulations officer Jay! Stay safe!🙏✨
    1 week ago Gale Baird

  • 1 week ago by

    So, there's a good chance I'll be applying at SFD 🚒 after Assistant Chief O'Brien sees this BUT...  We'd like to wish our second in command a very happy birthday 🥳 today with this photo from our archives.  From all of us at SPD, we donut know what we'd do without you! 🍩  #immalosemyjob #donutpower #happybirthday #thismaynotlastlong #glamourshots #goteem #police #seymourpd #wishmeluck #niceknowingya #getthefireextinguisher
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 11
    Assistant Chief O'Brien just had his birthday wish come true! #theyarereal
    1 week ago Amanda Combs 5
    1 week ago Amanda Combs 1
    There’s also this little gem as well. 👌🏼😂 he really is loved.
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 1
    Amanda Combs Keep it up, you're reducing my odds of getting fired over this 👍
    1 week ago Candy Crum
    Seymour Police Department my sister, out here doing the lords work. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Helping save jobs. Shes so kind. Lol!
    1 week ago Amanda Combs
    Seymour Police Department I do what I can. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    1 week ago Tom Oktavec 1
    Happy Birthday Greg. Didn’t know we shared a birthday.
    1 week ago Jodie Smith 1
    Tom Oktavec happy birthday!
    1 week ago Kim B. Willman 1
    Tom Oktavec Enjoy your Special Day 🎉🎈🎊🍰
    1 week ago Stefani Nixon
    Same! Happy Birthday!
    1 week ago Byron Eguizabal
    Wishing you a happy birth and safe travels out here
    1 week ago Christy Whittymore
    Priceless pic. Lol
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 1
    Christy Whittymore we've held onto that one for a while 😅
    1 week ago Erica Shandell
    Seymour Police Department that is a good pic happy birthday
    1 week ago Tim Toborg
    My goodness... someone’s a suck-up!
    1 week ago Lisa Batchelor Whitson
    Happy birthday. I hope your day is amazing. Thank you for keeping the streets of Seymour safe.
    1 week ago Cindy Prather Darlage
    Happy Birthday Greg! Dont overdue the weekend.
    1 week ago Patsy Luecke
    Donuts are a police thing! Happy birthday!!
    1 week ago Sam Arnold
    An SPD cmdr person in their natural habitat eating the staple food of their environment! Happy Birthday!

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