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  • 6 days ago by

    ***Current Seymour Road Conditions 2/18 8:30 AM***  Main roads are slushy and mostly clear with spots of coverage. Traction is limited in specific areas and somewhat unpredictable.   Secondary and tertiary streets are mostly covered and in much worse condition with snowpack, slush, and ice spotting. Please use extreme caution on side streets as they are not consistent and several intersections are slick.   Please use care if you are out on the roads today and drive below the posted limits with due regard. Lane changing could be risky and stopping distances will be increased. Please give yourself extra room to stop and be cautious of intersections.  Additional snowfall is expected today which may change conditions.
    6 days ago Rebecca Stamper
    This is my current road conditions I can’t even get my car out cause I’m not able to shovel snow pushed up against it I realize it’s not a major street glad I stocked up so I don’t really have to get out but dang I know Walmart misses my money lol
    6 days ago Mason Killion
    Side streets haven't been touched at all really... Or only one side on Carter Blvd.
    6 days ago Amber DHacker
    Is 50 clear?
    6 days ago Seymour Police Department 1
    Amber DHacker Yes
    6 days ago Amber DHacker
    Seymour Police Department thank you 😊
    5 days ago Hays Stamper
    sorry city don't care. Long as mayor's street is clear. one term mayor.
    6 days ago Valerie Eckert
    Has 65 been cleared yet of semi?
    6 days ago Holly Terry
    Can we get East 15th street cleaned off? I know it isn’t as important as other roads in town but it’s horrible to get out of. I’ve gotten almost stuck multiple times and it hasn’t been cleaned off from the 1st round of snow.
  • 1 week ago by

    Pro tip: if someone tells you "don't call the police", CALL THE POLICE ASAP ☎️  Today, SPD received a call for a welfare check on an elderly female. The caller stated that someone had called the female and told them not to alert police but to go to Walmart and contact them when she was there.   Officer Helmsing located the female in her vehicle at Walmart and observed her to be in possession of two gift cards which she was using to read card information to an unknown person on her cell phone. At this time, Officer Helmsing instructed the female to stop communicating with the person on the line.   Officer Helmsing then escorted the female to the service desk where Walmart associates were fortunately able to fully refund a total of $1,000 off of the compromised cards before they were used.  In speaking with the female, the caller had reached out to her anonymously and built a very believable rapport with her over several days. The number had contacted her no less than eight times with the messages progressively getting more aggressive and threatening. The caller stated various lies ranging from being an IRS agent to needing to collect payment for a new Toyota Corolla someone had fraudulently purchased with her information. The caller was able to produce believable personal information about the female. The number provided was a spoofed number tracing ultimately to an overseas location.  1. DO NOT SPEAK to anonymous callers. If they have business with you, request that they reach you through alternate means. If it sounds sketchy, hang up immediately. 2. These scam artists prey on kind hearted people and will go to any length necessary to sell their lies. Please let your family members know that this is a very real, and very common scam tactic. 3. DO NOT pay for things with gift cards EVER. This is a flashing neon warning for a scam in progress. 4. If someone tells you not to speak with the authorities... DEFINITELY speak with authorities.
    1 week ago Cindy Barnard 9
    Things like this is why I answer the phone with unknown numbers in this manner: “thank you for calling the southern Indiana district office of the FBI how may I direct your call” They always hang up since I started doing that it’s very rare that I get those kind of calls anymore
    6 days ago Loretta Holt
    Cindy Barnard THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD IDEA.I WILL BE USEING THIS .I GET ANY WHERE FROM 25 TO 30 CALLS ADAY FROM AROUND 9 AM UNTILL 6 said the seymour comm .church. i told him I know this is a scam. that's my church and we don't have a phone there.and I told him he should be ashamed of himself for using other peoples numbers to try and acam them out of he got so mad he called me every bad name under the sun.and hung up LOL
    5 days ago Darryl Humphrey 1
    Cindy Barnard that's awesome. I need to do that
    1 week ago Donald White 5
    I got a call last week from the "IRS" saying that my SSN was compromised, and that I needed to talk to an agent and set up payment to "fix" the issue. Failure to do so would result in fines or jail time. I hung up on them, wrote down the number, and called SPD and gave them the number. Seymour number.
    1 week ago Camron Cassell
    Donald White I got the same call
    1 week ago James J. Lawson
    I got it too....kept asking them to send a rep to my house so we could discuss the matter...for some reason no one showed up.
    1 week ago Wanda Foster Lynch
    Donald White I got it too.. my called i.d. said it was Indiana state police. Lol
    I.told them to make up their mind are they IRS or State police.. Maybe I should call state police on my cell phone and talk to them about using their name. He hung up on me.. So.rude
    1 week ago Lori Hedges 1
    most of the times the numbers used are spoofed numbers
    6 days ago Rosemary Lewis
    Dont answer them it's a scam a real bad one
    1 week ago Heather Nowling DeShong 5
    I encourage everyone to watch the show Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller on the National Geographic channel. She does an episode on scams. It’s seriously eye opening. This is exactly the kind of thing she uncovered.
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department 1
    Heather Nowling DeShong Absolutely... Money stolen this way is consistently used to further other criminal acts including human trafficking, the drug trade, and terrorism.
    1 week ago Rhea Trinkle Speckner 2
    That’s the same thing that I always told my daughter, if someone tells you not to tell your parents, make sure you tell your parents.
    1 week ago Mariah Ann Snyder 1
    That’s amazing you guys caught it in time! I have been getting scammer calls from the area they will use someone’s phone number as a mask number somehow. When I call back it’s some random person from town and had never called me. Idk how they do it but they’re doing it!
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department
    Mariah Ann Snyder They use phone apps to spoof numbers. Definitely can't trust caller ID anymore.
    1 week ago Shannon Platter 1
    So glad you were able to help her in time. She probably could not afford to loose the money. She was probably lonely too.
    1 week ago Ashley Grizzle 1
    BE careful swiping your cards at non-trusted locations. . UNFORTUNATELY Not everyone cares if you have bills or a family to provide for.
    1 week ago Seymour Police Department
    Ashley Grizzle Truth!!
    1 week ago Ashley Newcomb
    Ashley Grizzle this is so true! I got almost $2k swiped out of my bank account before the bank caught on and got it stopped. They somehow pulled off a boat load of small withdrawals in a matter of minutes! It took a few months of disputing charges, but the bank really worked with me on getting almost all of it back. I check before I swipe my card everywhere now. I pay with cash way more often now too lol.
    6 days ago Ashley Grizzle 1
    Ashley Newcomb Same girl, we got hit at a Marathon gas station in greenwood.. I now only get our gas at JayC now 🤣... it was about $2k as well.
    6 days ago Ashley Newcomb 1
    Ashley Grizzle crazy stuff!
    5 days ago Brenda Turner
    Thanks for keeping us informed! Great work officers!
    1 week ago Debra Reveal Loper
    Thank you spd♥️
    5 days ago Matt Walls
    I'm grateful you guys helped her lady.
  • 1 week ago by

    These guys and gals are busting their tails yeeting these frosted flakes into the next zip code ❄️💪
    1 week ago Josh Barlow 1
    They have done a phenomenal job!
    1 week ago Betsy Milligan
    1 week ago Missy Branaman
    Thank you very much
    1 week ago Grant Campbell
    Thank you to all! You guys are awesome!!
    1 week ago Wendy England Cash
    Thank you for all that you all do!
    1 week ago Jon Guffey
    Lol you kill me bro.
    1 week ago Ralph White
    I remember those days when I worked there.
    1 week ago Peggy Franklin
    Great job!!!
    6 days ago Kim B. Willman
    Good Work 👏🏻
    1 week ago Joyce Gallion
    Fantastic work Thank you
  • 1 week ago by

    ***Current Seymour Road Conditions: 9:00 AM 2/16***  All roads in Seymour are again snow covered. Lanes are difficult to see and the roadway is covered with significant snowpack and are slick.  Road crews are working diligently to clear the roads and should make good headway by this evening with the break in the snow. We are currently under a red travel advisory, which limits travel to emergency vehicles only. If you don't absolutely have to be out, please stay at home.  When you are driving in these conditions you are putting others at risk including the first responders and equipment operators who are out responding to traffic accidents. If it can wait until tomorrow, get to it at that time.
    1 week ago Margaret Kroman 2
    Thank you for taking care of our roads.
    1 week ago Barb Stuckwisch 1
    Prayers for your safety during this snow event and every day.
    1 week ago Darryl Humphrey 1
    I agree especially when they have level red in county!
    1 week ago Ashley Grizzle 1
    Better than what we thought! Thank you SDPW AND SPD! ❤⛄
    1 week ago Susie Bowman 1
    Be safe out there Officers! Hopefully you don’t have too many reasons to have to go out!
    1 week ago Judy Estep
    You guys be safe out there and stay warm❣️
    1 week ago Kai Wubben
    Yep my work did the same thing
    1 week ago Leta Ahlbrand
    Thanks to all who are making us safe!
    1 week ago Cathy Waggoner-Wheeler
    Thank you for your updates! Stay safe!
    1 week ago Kim Wright
    In my opinion....they will just have to keep expecting!
  • 1 week ago by

    Jackson county is now in a red travel status, which is restricted travel except for emergency vehicles.
    1 week ago Becky Castle 1
    Any idea when this will expire?
    3 days ago David Mather
    To bad the maritime corporations really don't take this Seriously!
    1 week ago Daniela Vasquez
    Teresa Sanchez
    1 week ago HectorCloie Garay

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