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  • NEWS
  • 1 day ago by

    The Seymour Police Department is asking your help in identifying the person shown below. She is wanted for questioning at this time. She was last seen at Circle K gas station at Tipton and O'Brien Streets around 11:20 AM today and left the area in a black Chevrolet Impala. She is believed to have ties to the Seymour area. Anyone with information is asked to call SPD at 812-522-1234 *Anyone depicted herein is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law*
    23 hours ago Torre Collins 11
    Why pick on the lady about her clothes and weight people? Quit assuming shit that’s she’s done, quit judging on pjs, who fucking cares, they just want help finding out who it is, the comments from the peanut gallery are rude and that’s why Seymour is the way it is! Y’all a bunch of judges.
    23 hours ago Eric Hodge
    Torre Collins they must voted for Biden lol
    23 hours ago Alli Norman
    Torre Collins
    1 day ago Walter Martin 3
    It doesn’t look like she can hide in too many places
    1 day ago Tyler Goodpaster 1
    Walter Martin
    1 day ago Stephanie Hyndman
    Walter Martin
    23 hours ago Melissa Jones
    Walter Martin always has to be a bully.
    23 hours ago Jesus Mil Villaseca
    Walter Martin mannnn🤣🤣
    23 hours ago Kaye Bohall
    Walter Martin you win comment of the day 🙂
    22 hours ago Sonya Colwell
    Walter Martin
    1 day ago Debra Napier Murdock 3
    I'm so tired of STUPID PEOPLE...I mean dang .Come on...
    1 day ago Stefani Nixon 2
    So will parents get another call when the school isn't on lock down anymore?
    23 hours ago Michelle Hallett
    Stefani Nixon i didn't get any notification, my granddaughter had messaged saying they couldn't go outside for lunch because of something happening but she didn't even know
    23 hours ago Stefani Nixon
    Michelle Hallett 🥺 I got a voicemail and it only got half the message
    23 hours ago Kylinda Williams 2
    Stefani Nixon the call just came the lock down is lifted
    23 hours ago Stefani Nixon
    Kylinda Williams just got it thank goodness
    23 hours ago Katie Burton
    Stefani Nixon we are off of lockout now!
    23 hours ago Stefani Nixon
    Katie Burton so glad to hear! 💕
    23 hours ago Angela Siefker Campbell
    Stefani Nixon I did they are off lockdown
    23 hours ago Angela Siefker Campbell
    Stefani Nixon
    23 hours ago Stefani Nixon
    Angela Siefker Campbell I got it too
    1 day ago John Ponder 1
    Check Walmart looks like she’s got her pajamas on
    1 day ago Megan McQueen
    John Ponder yeah like really mismatched, it's odd
    22 hours ago Kristin Hunter
    Just spit my drink everywhere 😂
    1 day ago Seymour Police Department 1
    Additional image provided
    23 hours ago Kevin Hontz
    It wasn't cold enough to layer so I would be interested in that under shirt. Just me
    1 day ago Jessica Jones Faught
    Wish my memory was still good because she really looks familiar and I’m sure someone will see this and recognize her for sure
    23 hours ago Melissa Santana
    This is stupid there should a better punishment
    Threats every freakin day especially since it school!!!!!!! Our students shouldn’t be afraid everyday thinking somebody going to shoot them 😡😡😡😡
    1 day ago Brandon Rodriguez
    She has threatened to shoot up the high school. High school is on a soft lockdown.
    1 day ago Samantha Spangle
    Brandon Rodriguez We are on a lock out.
    1 day ago Melinda Ramirez
    No she threatened to shoot up the school and blow it up
  • 1 day ago by

    🎃 JEEPERS CREEPERS🎃 Our online registration for the SPD D.A.R.E. Jeep Rally is now live. From the comfort of your own home you can register for this wonderful Jeep Adventure Rally featuring: 110 mile road rally
    Wooded off-road trail
    Off-road fun park
    Huge giveaways and door prizes
    Articulation ramp
    Food trucks
    Rock crawler area IF YOU HAVE A JEEP YOU NEED TO BE HERE!! all proceeds go to SPD's D.A.R.E. program HUGE thank you finally of the sponsors and donors who have stepped up to make this year bigger and better 👍
    1 day ago Yvonna Garrison 1
    Mikal Zumhingst
    1 day ago Justin Darlage 1
    Joey Napier
    1 day ago Sydney Oakes 1
    Chancler Ault
    1 day ago Destany Ann McFarlin
    can i still join with my 2021 Jeep grand cherokee L?
    23 hours ago Christoph Rieker
    Nope, real Jeeps only, not mini vans with Jeep Badges hahaha  Kidding kidding, last year, there were people in Jeeps of all shapes and sizes. Just be mindful of the capabilities of your Grand Cherokee vs a Wrangler and join in on the fun.
    23 hours ago Destany Ann McFarlin
    its a grand cherokee L and has off road capabilities thank you.
    1 day ago Yvonna Garrison
    Shirley Ward
    1 day ago Austin Hatfield
    Heather Phillips
    23 hours ago Gina McGaha
    1 day ago Gale Baird
    Can I just buy a shirt, I won't be able to attend.
    23 hours ago Christoph Rieker
    BobMandy Wilz looks like they added more things this go around!
    23 hours ago Kalynda Hoevener
    Angie Elliott Hoevener
  • 2 days ago by

    *Threatening Statements*  At approximately 2:30 AM on September 21, 2021, patrol officers with the Seymour Police Department received information that a threat of a gun being brought to the Seymour High School had been made via social media.   Investigators, school administration, and school resource officers were immediately notified. The information was investigated through the morning hours. After investigating the information, investigators, school administration, and school resource officers found no credibility to the threat at the time of this news release.   Currently, investigators, school administration, and school resource officers continue to investigate the complaint. SCSC School administration wants everyone to know that school will be conducted as normal with additional security measures. Law enforcement and school administration are working intently to ensure the safety of the students and faculty.  Lieutenant C. J. Foster
    Seymour Police Department
    2 days ago Kevin Kaplan 20
    Need to get metal detectors in the school. Thank you for keeping our kiddos safe.
    2 days ago Princess Pardo
    Kevin Kaplan I agree 🙏
    2 days ago Chris Blair
    Kevin Kaplan look at the figh to get masks,people will flip over metal detectors.
    2 days ago Ashley Gerth 3
    Chris Blair I don't want to wear a mask....but metal detector I'm in favor of
    2 days ago Kevin Kaplan
    Chris Blair I cant say your wrong.
    2 days ago Amanda Jones 1
    I totally agree Kevin Kaplan
    I've said that for a few years now. I have my opinions on why they haven't yet but that's not for fb.
    2 days ago April Cochrane-Bowling 4
    Angie Johnson walmart does NOT have metal detectors.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    2 days ago Chris Blair 2
    The schools have an image to uphold,they don't want other schools to see detectors and think it's unsafe. Got to keep the small town wholesome image.
    2 days ago Chris Blair
    Angie Johnson those are anti theft readers,not metal detectors.
    2 days ago Darren Emily
    Angie Johnson ya those aren’t metal detectors…
    2 days ago Kevin Kaplan
    Chris Blair in all fairness, I just had a good conversation with the SRO there are challenges to installing metal detectors, and that's not it. We need to work on the challenges, see if we can find a way to make it happen.
    2 days ago Sarah Nichole Keck 9
    What is going on with all the threats to the HS this year? It’s a little scary. Why are young adults making these types of threats? People need to do better..
    2 days ago Lynn Mellenbruch Thompson 2
    Sarah Nichole Keck kids wanting to get out of school for a few hours. Think it’s funny. Nothing better to do. They need some part time jobs if u ask me. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    2 days ago Pam Cooper 6
    Sarah Nichole Keck Our media and social media are feeding our kids a dangerous cocktail of confusing messages . . . . I'd start with turning off or micromanaging their devices. And, I also agree 'constructive' activities . . . like school sports or a job would help keep them occupied.
    2 days ago Wanda Rickard Wilson
    Lynn Mellenbruch Thompson the thing about a few hours. They will get kick out of school for life. That’s what happened to the boy a month ago. Now he had to do online school.
    2 days ago Marinda Fowler 9
    Knowing now why I saw several SPD officers on campus as I walked this morning makes me thankful for all that SPD does to keep my two students, their peers, and staff safe.
    2 days ago Mildred Sease 8
    Sounds like someone needs to be studying in reform school. From Ray Sease sr
    2 days ago Lisa Mcintosh 3
    That where the parents to lock up their hand gun up when kids are around
    2 days ago Pam Cooper 2
    Lisa Mcintosh A devious 16 year old will find a way to get into a locked cabinet . . .
    2 days ago Lisa Mcintosh
    Then put the key up where the parents only knows where it is
    1 day ago Cindy Ruddick Galbraith 1
    Lisa Mcintosh but, a gun was not found, was it? So, there was no gun to be locked up in this case.
    2 days ago Missy Redmon 3
    Should SHS just get metal detectors?
    2 days ago Olga Otte 1
    Missy Redmon Someone has to be at all the entrances to man them.
    1 day ago Missy Redmon
    Olga Otte it seems like there are alot of calls for these events happening at SHS
    1 day ago Cindy Ruddick Galbraith 1
    Missy Redmon what would they have done in this case? Wouldn't you have still wanted the police to check out the threat?
    1 day ago Missy Redmon
    Cindy Ruddick Galbraith Well of a course however metal detectors might detect before there is a threat.
    1 day ago Lauren Frische
    Not just there, Columbus too
    2 days ago Cortnie Barlow 3
    Does anyone know if this was a written threat as in Via messaging or commenting on social media?? I sure hope so so this child can be dealt with accordingly and get the help he or she so desperately needs.
    1 day ago Jazmaine Phillips
    Cortnie Barlow no it was said out loud
    1 day ago Jazmaine Phillips
    Cortnie Barlow
    1 day ago Katie Burton
    Jazmaine Phillips that one was from last month.
    23 hours ago Cortnie Barlow
    Jazmaine Phillips considering there was no gun found???????
    2 days ago Bonnie Mikel 1
    Why dont high schools have metal detectors like court houses..these are our most precious our children
    2 days ago Dayana Ceballos Landa
    ISTG When my brother and I was dragged to this town they told us it was gonna be "safer" than our city... how ironic 😒
    1 day ago Billie Combs Miskell
    Great job keep it up you guys are all on top of things and that’s what we need
  • 2 days ago by

    Tune in for the graduation of Officer Desender and Officer Griffin from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy! Congratulations to our newest officers!!
    2 days ago Carol Neal
    Congratulations 👏
    2 days ago Rick Nance
    2 days ago Cynthia Perdue
    Be Safe !

  • 3 days ago by

    ***Flooding*** Recent rain has caused several areas of high standing water as the storm drains attempt to deal with runoff. These issues are being addressed by city workers and should slowly recede once the storms break. Please do NOT attempt to drive through high water, and drive slowly through puddles to prevent hydroplaning. Currently 4th Street near Jackson Park Drive has high water. Brown street at Tipton also has significant standing water.
    3 days ago Amy Boling 16
    Everyone in this community has complained about this for how long? Pretty sure both officials said that was number one to them was flooding problems and updating water system 🙄 🤔. I think spending money the right way would be amazing and would help with population building in Seymour. Especially if you want to attract the right residents within the community.
    3 days ago Aaron Delph 6
    Amy Boling yeah I’m not sure what they are doing with all the money they collect from the storm water fees. I sure haven’t saw any major storm water improvements.
    3 days ago Mary Keith 3
    Aaron Delph building roundabouts lol
    3 days ago Jeremy Hayes 3
    Mary Keith that's all they think about is roundabouts
    3 days ago Aaron Delph 4
    Mary Keith Yeah it’s hard to say. I have to pay about $600 a year in storm water fees which really sucks when you don’t see any improvements being made.
    3 days ago April Crowl 3
    Amy Boling couldn’t agree with you more on this subject. They tell us what they know we want to hear and once elected the do wtf they want!! Stupid signs & medians!!! Hello!! Flooded street should have been a #1 priority!!!
    3 days ago Danieta Gullett Foster
    Aaron Delph, How much is your stormwater fee per month?
    2 days ago Aaron Delph
    Danieta Gullett Foster $5 per month at my house and $45 per month at another piece of property that I have.
    2 days ago Danieta Gullett Foster
    Aaron Delph , Just comparing...ours is $3 for residential. Other properties depend on hard surface area.
    2 days ago Dianne Rachelle-Marcott Henderson 3
    Amy Boling ...I agree. Forget about turnarounds and use that money instead for things needing updated in our town!!!
    2 days ago Nathaniel Young
    Aaron Delph it paid for the sign lol
    3 days ago Larry Lewis 14
    Here's an idea. How about fixing the sewer system instead of the proposed roundabouts.
    3 days ago Peg Mellenbruch 3
    Larry Lewis - agree 💯
    3 days ago James J. Lawson
    Larry Lewis genius lol
    2 days ago Tonja Lawson Smither 1
    James J. Lawson it isn’t that easy lol. Says the wife of a wastewater worker that just worked a 25 hour shift on salary because of rain. 🙄
    2 days ago Phyllis Frazier Loper
    Larry Lewis that’s what I was thinking Larry.
    2 days ago Melissa Gray
    Larry Lewis that's what I've been saying !!
    2 days ago Eoyore Black 1
    Larry Lewis bright one 😂
    2 days ago Kara-Lee Hite
    Larry Lewis that's what I said and I live inbetween that flooded spot and where they want to put the roundabouts.
    2 days ago Kara-Lee Hite 1
    Eoyore Black we live just up the road from that flooded spot, Madonna, right before where they want to put in the roundabouts. Crazy that the city isn't prioritizing the flood issues.
    3 days ago Steve Deweese 14
    Have we considered building another park about it?
    3 days ago Shane Meek
    perhaps another mural?
    3 days ago George Otte 3
    Steve Deweese If they put in a roundabout there it would fix this
    3 days ago Andy Barr 3
    Steve Deweese didn’t know warning you about water on the road has anything to do with a park. 🤷‍♂️
    3 days ago Mary Keith
    Steve Deweese maybe another roundabout
    3 days ago Steve Deweese 9
    Andy Barr ... A lot of the money being used for beautification is from TIF grants that could be used for infrastructure. Ergo, The lack of a plan to improve our infrastructure while spending countless hours planning for parks, murals & roundabouts, and any other amount of trivial things… is problematic. I'm not claiming it is the fault of the police. I'm just a solutions guy. 🤷‍♂️
    3 days ago Chris Blair
    Few more baseball fields will solve this.
    3 days ago Thomas Becker
    Steve Deweese don’t forget about a bike lane
    2 days ago Katie Thomas Buckner 1
    Steve Deweese, STILL #winning the internet with this one 2 or 3 years later! 🙌🏼
    2 days ago Barbara Achelpohl
    George Otte. They need an Oh Lordy or shaking head emoji button on here for some of the comments
    2 days ago Basil Graham
    George Otte if they would have built a bigger Seymour sign this would have never happened 😂
    3 days ago Britnie Nichole Snyder 13
    Maybe y'all should worry about the drain pipe problem in the town instead of worrying about putting roundabouts in and bypasses in
    2 days ago Pam Wolfe Johnson 1
    Britnie Nichole Snyder the bypass is to prevent getting stuck by a train that everyone loves to b*tch about too. 🙄
    3 days ago Rob Nicholson 7
    Radical idea 💡 if y'all be patient it'll go away works at my house every time 👍
    3 days ago Chris Kaufman 7
    I see a bunch of people making comments that need to attend some city council meetings in order to understand how government works.
    3 days ago Aaron Delph 3
    Chris Kaufman I would just like to know what they do with all the storm water money they collect.
    3 days ago Chris Kaufman
    Aaron Delph go to a council meeting and raise your concerns. I know for a fact you will get answers.
    3 days ago Aaron Delph 1
    Chris Kaufman I doubt it. I worked for the city in the past and it still seems to be the same circus it has always been.
    3 days ago Britnie Nichole Snyder
    Chris Kaufman the government is stupid. That town as long as I have been alive has had problems with high waters. They need to fix that shit before putting a roundabout in that is not called for
    3 days ago Britnie Nichole Snyder 1
    Aaron Delph ive been to those meeting in the past when still lived in that town and never got answers
    3 days ago Chris Kaufman 1
    Aaron Delph I know for a fact that Darrin Boas will answer you questions.
    2 days ago Margaret Strong 3
    Thanks to everyone working on this. Rain was coming so hard and fast, it had nowhere to go!
    3 days ago Debra Reveal Loper 2
    What has caused this problem … it seems to happen more frequently with less rain😳
    2 days ago Eoyore Black
    Debra Reveal Loper too many people and to much shit
    2 days ago Brantly Ritchison 1
    Mayor slaps post*
    “You know how many round abouts I can fit in this bad boy?”
    3 days ago Connol Killion
    Why not instead of doing more and more construction the city focuses on better drainage systems as their first priority, that would be a good way to use the money
    2 days ago Justin Axsom
    Connol Killion I totally agree that construction on 50 is gonna get someone killed if not already. Common sense says…. But apparently that’s lacking these days. (Comment by K.N.H)
    2 days ago Danieta Gullett Foster
    Justin Axsom The construction on 50 has nothing to do with Seymour city. It is a state project.
  • 6 days ago by

    *Child Neglect* On March 16, 2021, Investigators with the Seymour Police Department received information from the Indiana Department of Child Services that a 14-year-old child was brought to the emergency room at Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Indiana with an extremely low core body temperature, a very high blood sugar level, and was extremely underweight. The 14-year-old was basically lifeless upon arriving at the emergency room. The emergency room staff immediately began life saving procedures.  The child was later transferred to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana and was admitted to the intensive care unit. The child remained in the intensive care unit for several days. The child ultimately recovered from the medical issues and was later released.  After a 6-month investigation, arrest warrants for neglect of a dependent, were issued for Pamela Hatfield age 63 of Seymour, Donna Burton age 41 of Seymour, and Stevy Geise age 33 of Seymour. Neglect of a dependent is a level 6 felony. Pamela Hatfield was arrested by patrol officers with the Seymour Police Department on September 14, 2021. Donna Burton and Stevy Geise were arrested by patrol officers with the Seymour Police Department on September 15, 2021. It is believed that drugs contributed to the situation. All three were taken to the Jackson County Jail and remanded into the custody of the Jail Division.  Lieutenant C. J. Foster
    Seymour Police Department  ***This is a police narrative of events. Anyone mentioned or depicted herein is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law***
    6 days ago Joshua Kaufman 15
    The child was ok according to a "cousin" on the newspapers post. She had just gotten up in the middle of the night and chugged some chocolate syrup causing all of the emaciation, lack of ability to respond, and required emergency life saving techniques. Man I wanna be that "chocolate wasted" or high enough to think that chocolate syrup could do that to someone... Even in a diabetic situation.
    6 days ago K.C. Lowry 8
    Joshua Kaufman You're a special kind of stupid if you think drinking chocolate syrup can cause a body weight so low that your internal core temperature drops to near death. 🙄 Ofc a family member is going to defend the abusers so they don't get in trouble, but look how good it did them.
    6 days ago Heather Sitterding 8
    K.C. Lowry he was being sarcastic 🤔
    6 days ago K.C. Lowry 2
    Oh I know. I was agreeing with him. Sorry if it wasn't clear.
    6 days ago Joshua Kaufman
    K.C. Lowry Thanks obviously missed the sarcastic undertones of my entire post. You must be a special kind of special to think that someone could even think that way.
    6 days ago Joshua Kaufman
    Heather Sitterding finally....someone that gets me!
    6 days ago K.C. Lowry 4
    Joshua Kaufman I did not miss it. I just wasn't being sarcastic. I'm mad that someone can try to justify child neglect with chocolate syrup. I wasn't coming after you, buddy. My tone wasn't understood.
    6 days ago Joshua Kaufman 2
    K.C. Lowry fair enough... We are in same page then... I was literally I shock when I read that the cousin had posted that.... Like fricking wow!
    6 days ago Valerie Ellis
    K.C. Lowry you definitely don't understand the situation chocolate syrup was involved but the under weight part is because the child is a very picky eater and eats like a bird the child is also diabetic trust me food was available for her at all times Pamela would make anything she wanted and would do anything for her grandchildren and she definitely doesn't do drugs
    6 days ago Megan McQueen 1
    Joshua Kaufman all K.C. Lowry did was not start the post off with something like she or the lady. Instead she started it with (you) but she never was talking about you personally.
    6 days ago Candy Skinner 2
    Joshua Kaufman wow that cousin is something else. 🤣 Having EVERYONE rushing to the store for a bottle of Hersheys to drop a ton of weight overnight! They're an idiot. Wow.
    Or just extremely gullible and choosing to be blind.
    6 days ago Maria Munoz 7
    Abusing a minor in this place is so common 😢 the system doesn’t work, just by going to the page of predators and child molesters and seeing the sentences is when you understand why this crime is so recurrent. They are not penalized for that criminal act, that trauma is forever. I know this specific case isn’t sexual abuse, but still abuse.
    6 days ago Shelly Deweese
    Maria Munoz So unfortunately true!!
    6 days ago Chris Hunter 6
    There is no greater crime than that against a child!!!🤬
    5 days ago Rhonda Yvonne Bailey 1
    Chris Hunter agree!!!!
    6 days ago Mildred Sease 6
    No words can describe crimes against children .thanks you very much for getting them help .and thanks for your service. From Ray Sease sr
    6 days ago Mackenzie England 5
    It’s so sad but the whole system is messed up I’ve reported someone at least three times and her children are still there and don’t deserve the neglect that they go through And CPS won’t do anything about it those poor children I really feel for them 😢
    6 days ago Jodie Warren 2
    So so sad!!! I I’m happy, they were finally caught and she was able to recover! I pray she finally gets to have a life she so much deserves! ❤️
    5 days ago Louann Gosnell 2
    It's sad that the kid almost died to get help. Why hadn't the school officials stepped in before it went that far ? Smh. Glad the child is going to be ok & prayers for all of them
    6 days ago Michelle Jo Fitch 2
    I don't understand ppl why have kids if go hurt kids or kill them there is ppl out that can't have kids would love take them and raise them good this poor baby
    6 days ago Jennifer Williams 1
    DCF is not lying about the investigation I know this people and there not good people
    6 days ago Bob Beatty
    Ofc. Jeremy Helmsing spoke to the Seymour Noon Lions Club yesterday and offered the sobering assessment that 90% of the calls/incidents that the SPD responds to are, in some way, related to drug use.
    6 days ago Melody Soladine Madden 1
    Bob Beatty it hits close to home for sooooo many of us 😪
    6 days ago Bob Beatty
    Melody Soladine Madden yup, me too.

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