School Resource Officers
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Seymour Police Department 2020
The School Resource Officer is not a position that is taken lightly by any officer charged with its responsibilities. Originally formed by larger cities, this position was nothing more than to provide law enforcement presence within a school or schools. Over time it has developed into a much larger scope of duties. Although still responsible for providing the Seymour Public Schools with the presence of law enforcement, Officers Brian K. Williams, Officer Craig Owens, and Reserve Officer Jack Hauer take on many other roles. These officers act as mentors, providing students with a role model as opposed to a silent over-watch. When called upon by the schools, they also conduct lectures with the students on police related issues such as narcotics and alcohol and their effects on driving. The SROs are responsible for 7 public schools within the Seymour Public School System. Providing safety to thousands of students, the School Resource Officer is a key position in providing safety to the community of Seymour.  The school resource officer is a unique position because of the laws governing the school systems. Indiana State Law has provided public school systems with their own title within the governing statutes. This provides school administrators with the option to use the resource officer as an agent of the school, or to request that he conducts an investigation of a crime as an agent of the police department. This calls on the officer to be both familiar with school statutes along with public statutes, and to be able to discern the difference between the two.