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Seymour Police Department 2020
Command Division Chief Bryant Lucas Assistant Chief Greg O’Brien The Command Division is commonly know as the administrators. They handle day to day operations to include budget, training and employment.  This is the top structure for the Seymour Police Department. Each member of the command division is responsible for a multitude of different duties with in the Seymour Police Department.  
Detectives Division The Investigations Division, commonly referred to as detectives, is a specialized group of experienced and veteran officers whose primary duties consist of investigations. This covers a broad scope of crimes to include, but not limited to, theft, forgery, computer crimes, child assault crimes, financial crimes, narcotics investigations, and murder. They continually maintain contact and coordinate operations with both local and federal agencies such as the Indiana State Police, ATF, FBI, US Marshals Service, to name a few. Due to the number of volatile situations and warrants involving narcotics, this division frequently utilizes the department's ERT Unit to conduct operations involving the apprehension of narcotics and violent suspects. It also acts as a security team for the ERT Unit to physically protect the unit during such apprehensions and warrant services. A number of other duties  go hand-in-hand with investigations are required skills of as a detective. Evidence identification, packaging, transportation, and delivery of that evidence to a lab for analysis are among these duties. An investigator is also a proficient report writer and interviewer. Most investigations involve speaking with witnesses and suspects alike. This requires the training and ability to recognize deception from truth. As one can see, the Investigations Division is a much needed piece to the Seymour Police Department Team. Check Our Current on going investigations.
Patrol Division The Street Patrol Division is the foundation of all police departments. Street units conduct the daily operations of the police department such as answering citizen complaints, traffic enforcement and control, initial investigations involving crimes and accidents, public services such as VIN checks and fingerprinting and overall public relations. The Seymour Police Department is composed of 28 street officers who conduct daily operations. Every new officer will start in this division and complete the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, a local Field Training Officers Course (FTO) and a one year probationary period. During the FTO course, a trained and experienced officer will familiarize the trainee with his/her jurisdiction and daily duties. The length of the course will depend on the trainee's prior experience and the rate at which the trainee learns their responsibilities. A new officer at the Seymour Police Department will be considered unassigned when the yearly scheduling of the four street squads are assigned. All squads work twelve hour shifts on a yearly days or nights schedule. The unassigned officers will rotate monthly between days and nights. Squad assignments are bid on annually and assigned according to time-in- service. This means the unassigned officer will only be assigned to a permanent squad once a permanent slot is available. After the officer gains sufficient experience conducting the standard day-to-day operations of the department as a street officer, the officer may then branch-out into other divisions of the department. This will only happen with administrative and supervisor approval Before entering into this career field one has to evaluate several questions. Is your family strong enough to endure the schedule rotation and the day-to-day stress that the officer will be subjected to? Is the individual willing to be held to a higher standard due to being an authority figure in the community? Is the individual willing to change his/her life and accept this career as a lifestyle more than just a job? Does one understand what it means to be a functioning member of a team? If so, WELCOME TO THE STREET, this is where it ALL happens!